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12022Sustainable Waste Management Companies with Innovative Smart Solutions: A Systematic Review and Conceptual ModelFarooq, M. ; Cheng, Jie ; Khan, N. U. ; Saufi R.A. ; Kanwal, N. ; Bazkiaei, H. A. 
22022Social-psychological Economic Impact of Covid-19 on SME’S in Kelantan: A ReviewRoselina A.S. ; Permarupan P.Y. ; Zainol, N.R. ; S. S. Choong 
3Aug-2021The Role of Self- Resilience on the Relationship Between Self Ledearship and Employee EngagementNURUL HASNIE HASSIZA W. HASSAN ; Roselina Ahmad Saufi ; Nordin Nurhaiza ; YUTHAMARANI 
42021A Predicting Performance Through Strategy and Innovation in Small Hotel IndustryBasbeth F. ; Saufi R.A. ; Awang K.B. ; Sabri N.A.A. 
52020Potential Niche in Boosting Aquaculture IndustryChe Harun, Hasnita ; Mat K.B. ; MAHMUD MOHD ; Syed Amsyar ; Suniza Anis Mohamad Sukri ; Muhammad Amiruddin Wahab ; Roselina Ahmad Saufi ; Rusli N.D. 
62022Peranan Jurulatih dalam Mengenal Pasti dan Memilih Bakat Melalui Aktiviti Kokurikulum SukanSyarizal Abdul Rahim ; Norailis Ab. Wahab ; Nurshadira Mohd Raof ; Roselina Ahmad Saufi ; Mohd Hafzal Abdul Halim 
72020Nursing management challenges: Effect of quality of work life on depersonalizationPermarupan, P.Yukthamarani ; Al Mamun A. ; Hayat, N. ; Saufi R.A. ; Samy, N.K. 
82023The moderating role of market turbulance beyond the Covid-19 pandemic and Russia-Ukraine crisis on the relationship between intellectual capital and business sustainabilityAlQershi, N. A. ; Saufi R.A. ; Ismail, N. A. ; Ramayah, T. ; Muhammad, N.M.N. ; Yusoff M.N.H. 
9Oct-2020The mediating role of person-job fit between person-organisation fit and intention to leave the job: Empirical evidence from pakistanSAUFI R.A. ; Mansor, N.N.A. ; Kakar, A.S. ; Singh, H. 
102022Is strategic orientation always beneficial? A meta-analysis of the relationship between innovation and business sustainability: A dynamic capabilities perspective from Malaysian insurance companiesAlQershi, N. A. ; Saufi R.A. ; Mokhtar, S. S. M. ; Muhammad, N.M.N. ; Yusoff M.N.H.B. 
112023The Importance and Evaluation of Resilience Leadership Capability In Managing UniversityIsmail, N. A. ; Roselina A.S. ; Permarupan P.Y. ; Azlee, W. A. Wan 
122021Human Resource Management Practices and Turnover Intention in Higher Education: The Moderating Role of Job Opportunitieskakar A.S. ; Saufi R.A. 
13Sep-2021Hub for Social Entrepreneurship (Hubsoe): Catalysing Impactful Innovative Solution to Social and Environmental SustainabilityNoor Raihani Zainol ; Anis Amira Ab Rahman ; Nurul Izyan Mat Daud ; Zul Karami Che Musa ; Nur Ain Ayunni Sabri ; Mohd Zulkifli Muhammad ; Roselina Ahmad Saufi ; Fatin Najihah Nik Muhammad 
142022How Social Capital Activates Entrepreneurial Orientation, Access to Government support policies, and SMEs Performance in an Emerging Market Amidst Covid-19Solomon Gbene Zaato ; Mohammad Ismail ; Sathiswaran Uthamaputran ; Roselina Ahmad Saufi ; Kiran Kumar Thoti ; Wilberforce Owusu-Ansah ; Joseph Owusu 
152020EIE MOHE Guide to ENTREPRENEURSHIP INTEGRATED EDUCATIONMohamed Mustafa Ishak ; Noor Azizi Ismail ; Arham Abdullah ; Roselina Ahmad Saufi ; Nik Maheran Nik Muhammad ; Syed Jamal Abdul Nasir Syed Mohamad ; Mohammad Ismail ; Chandrakantan a/l Subramaniam ; Anis Amira Ab Rahman ; Wan Azlee Wan Abdullah ; Mohammad Firdaus Nizam 
162020Effects of quality of work life on emotional exhaustion: A study among nurses in MalaysiaPermarupan, P.Yukthamarani ; Mamun, A.A. ; Hayat, N. ; Saufi R.A. ; Samy, N.K. 
17Oct-2021E-teaching satisfaction in a black swan moment: the effect of student engagement and institutional supportBasbeth F. ; Ahmad Saufi, R. ; Sudharmin K.B. 
18Mar-2021Does organizational reputation matter in Pakistan’s higher education institutions? The mediating role of person-organization fit and person-vocation fit between organizational reputation and turnover intentionKakar A.S. ; Mansor N.N.A. ; Saufi R.A. 
1918-May-2021Do Green HRM Practices Matter in Shaping Sustainable Performance Among ISO 14001-Certified Malaysian Manufacturing Firms? A Mixed-Method ApproachKhan, NU ; Saufi R.A. ; Obaid A. 
202020Do entrepreneurial education and big-five personality traits predict entrepreneurial intention among universities students?Bazkiaei H.A. ; Heng L.H. ; Khan, NU ; Saufi R.A. ; Kassim R.S.R.