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P Yukthamarani A/P Permarupan
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Jan-2023UMK International At A Glimpse (Second Edition)Permarupan, P.Yukthamarani ; Nurul Akmar Che Zaudin ; Ng Siew Foen ; Arifullah Mohammed ; Chua Hui Wen ; Kanit Sripaoraya ; Kho Siew Leen ; Ahmad Aiman Ahman Nazim ; Tuan Nor Azma Tuan Hussain ; Hoi Jie Ann ; Nor Syafiqah Ismail 
2Mar-2023UMK International at a Glimpse (EDITION 1)Permarupan, P.Yukthamarani ; Che Zaudin, N. A. ; Mohammed Aurifullah ; Kanit Sripaoraya ; Julia Tan Yin Yin ; Ng Siew Foen ; Kho Siew Leen ; Ahmad Aiman Ahmad Nazim ; Tuan Nor Azma Tuan Husain ; Hoi Jie Ern ; Nor Syafiqah Ismail 
32023Turnover intention and its antecedents: The mediating role of work–life balance and the moderating role of job opportunityAhmad Saufi R., ; Aidara S., ; Che Nawi N.B., ; Permarupan P.Y. ; Zainol N.R.B., ; Kakar A.S. 
42023The threat of robots to career sustainability, and the pivotal role of knowledge management and human capitalAlQershi, N. A. ; Saufi R.A. ; Yaziz M.F.A ; Permarupan P.Y. ; Muhammad, N.M.N. ; Yusoff M.N.H. 
52023Sustaining Work Life Balance Toward Job Satisfaction and Employee Intention to Leave UniversitiesRoselina Ahmad Saufi ; Permarupan P.Y. ; Samsidine Aidara ; Zainol, Noor Raihani Binti ItemCrisRefDisplayStrategy.rp.deleted.icon; Noor Ullah Khan 
62022Social-psychological Economic Impact of Covid-19 on SME’S in Kelantan: A ReviewRoselina A.S. ; Permarupan P.Y. ; Zainol, N.R. ; S. S. Choong 
7Oct-2021Psychological Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic in Bangladesh: Analysis of a Cross-Sectional SurveyAbir T. ; Osuagwu U.L. ; Kalimullah N.A. ; Yazdani D.M.N.-A. ; Husain T. ; Basak P. ; Goson P.C. ; Mamun A.A. ; Permarupan P.Y. ; Milton A.H. ; Rahman M.A. ; Rahman M.L. ; Agho K.E. 
82021Prevalence and factors associated with mental health impact of covid-19 pandemic in bangladesh: A survey-based cross-sectional studyAbir T. ; Kalimullah N.A. ; Osuagwu U.L. ; Yazdani D.M.N. ; Husain T. ; Goson P.C. ; Basak P. ; Rahman M.A. ; Mamun A.A. ; Permarupan P.Y. ; Khan M.Y.H.l, ; Milton A.H 
9Dec-2021Predicting the Intention and Purchase of Health Insurance Among Malaysian Working AdultsMamun, A. A. ; Rahman, M. K. ; Munikrishnan, U. T. ; Permarupan P.Y. 
102020Predicting nurses burnout through quality of work life and psychological empowerment: A study towards sustainable healthcare services in MalaysiaPermarupan P. ; Mamun, A.A. ; Samy, N.K. ; Saufi R.A. ; Hayat, N. 
112023Personality traits, individual resilience, openness to experience and young digital entrepreneurship intentionSahrah A. ; Guritno P.D. ; Rengganis R.P. ; Dewi R.P. ; Saufi R.A. ; Permarupan P.Y. 
122020Nursing management challenges: Effect of quality of work life on depersonalizationPermarupan, P.Yukthamarani ; Al Mamun A. ; Hayat, N. ; Saufi R.A. ; Samy, N.K. 
132020MOHE Guide to Entrepreneurship Integrated EducationSathiswaran A/L Uthamaputhran ; Noor Raihani Zainol ; P Yukthamarani A/P Permarupan ; Ahmad Ridhuwan Abdullah ; Suhaila Abdul Kadir ; Nurhusna Binti Zulkifli ; Noor Hasniza Binti Mat Salleh ; Mohamad Nakoe Bin Hj Abu Mansor 
141-Jul-2022Info News UMK International (3rd Edition - July-Sept 2022)Ng S. F. ; Yukthamarani Permarupan P. ; Nurul Akmar Che Zaudin ; Mohammed Aurifullah ; Julia Tan Yin Yin ; Kanit Sripaoraya ; Abumandil, M.S.S. ; Kho Siew Leen ; Mohamad Naim Idris ; Nor Izunarida Zakaria ; Tuan Nor Azma Tuan Hussain ; Mohammad Affiq Kamarul Azlan 
152023The Importance and Evaluation of Resilience Leadership Capability In Managing UniversityIsmail, N. A. ; Roselina A.S. ; Permarupan P.Y. ; Azlee, W. A. Wan 
162021Factors Influencing Consumers’ Purchasing Decision on Local ProductsPermarupan P.Y. ; Xuan K.Z. ; Ling T.K. 
172020Factors associated with the perception of risk and knowledge of contracting the SARS-CoV-2 among adults in Bangladesh: Analysis of online surveysAbir T. ; Kalimullah N.A. ; Osuagwu U.L. ; Yazdani D.M.N.-A. ; Mamun A.A. ; Husain T. ; Basak P. ; Yukthamarani Permarupan P. ; Agho K.E. 
182020Effects of quality of work life on emotional exhaustion: A study among nurses in MalaysiaPermarupan, P.Yukthamarani ; Mamun, A.A. ; Hayat, N. ; Saufi R.A. ; Samy, N.K. 
192023Dynamism of HR strategy through academic person-environment fit towards sustaining work life balance and reducing intention to leave: A reviewRoselina A.S. ; Nawi N.C. ; Zainol, N. R. ; Permarupan P.Y. 
20Mar-2021Dengue in Dhaka, Bangladesh: Hospital-based cross-sectional KAP assessment at Dhaka North and Dhaka South City Corporation areaAbir T. ; Ekwudu O. ; Kalimullah N.A. ; Nur-A Yazdani D.M. ; Mamun A.A. ; Basak P. ; Osuagwu U.L. ; Yukthamarani Permarupan P. ; Milton A.H. ; Talukder S.H. ; Agho K.E.