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Title: Nursing management challenges: Effect of quality of work life on depersonalization
Authors: Permarupan, P.Yukthamarani 
Al Mamun A. 
Hayat, N. 
Saufi R.A. 
Samy, N.K. 
Keywords: burnout;depersonalization;healthcare;IPMA;Malaysia;Nurses;quality of work life;SEM
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Taylor and Francis Ltd.
Journal: International Journal of Healthcare Management 
Purpose: This research aimed to check the curtailment of depersonalization among the staff nurses in Malaysia in terms of the quality of work-life at the workplace provided by the healthcare organizations. Methods: This research used the self-reported adopted scales to collect data from 432 respondents before analysing the data with PLS-SEM. Results: The results showed that safe and healthy working condition, social integration at work, and the social relevance of work could significantly reduce the impact of depersonalization among the nurses in Malaysia. The effect of the constitution at work organization and work and life span had insignificantly affected the curtailment of the effects of depersonalization. The results of the PLS-SEM IPMA revealed that the most essential three dimensions of QWL that impacted depersonalization were safe and healthy working conditions, social relevance of work, and constitution at work organization. Implications: The managers of the healthcare industry must provide the necessary quality of work-life attributes to address the depersonalization of the nursing staff. The approach would make the nursing staff own the work responsibilities and improve their work performance at global level. The managerial implications and study limitation reported for future managerial and scholarly engagements.
ISSN: 20479700
DOI: 10.1080/20479700.2020.1728924
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