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Title: Potential Niche in Boosting Aquaculture Industry
Authors: Che Harun, Hasnita 
Mat K.B. 
Syed Amsyar 
Suniza Anis Mohamad Sukri 
Muhammad Amiruddin Wahab 
Roselina Ahmad Saufi 
Rusli N.D. 
Keywords: Giant Freshwater prawn larvae;egg custard;Moringa oleifera;Cucuma longa
Issue Date: 2020
Project: Program Pelestarian Pengeluaran Udang Galah Menggunakan MoPe Blue Scampi di Jeli, Kelantan 
Production of M. rosenbergii, particularly in Malaysia, is increasing to meet the growing demand for protein source. However, the production of the M. rosenbergii post larvae (PL) usually less than 60 %. The causes of high mortality rate are due to the bacteria infection (Vibrio sp. and Aermonas sp.), stress and cannibalism among the larvae. Cannibalism and stress of the larvae can be solved by optimizing the feeding regime or applying Vitamin C in the culture water. The common practice to manage bacterial infection is by applying chemical antimicrobial. However, chemical antimicrobial residue is known to have negative effect on human. Moringa oleifera and Curcuma longa are known to have antimicrobial properties. The antimicrobial properties and high protein content in M. oleifera and C. longa make it suitable to be used as M. rosenbergii larvae feed to improve their immune system. In addition, short shelf life of the egg custard is time consuming and require additional cost for hiring staff. The objective of this study is to improve egg custard formulation and optimize its storage condition and packaging.
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