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12022The study of suitability of alkaline treatment for lignin reduction in banana stem and peel using response surface methodologyAnis Nabilah Ahmad ; Nor Dini Rusli ; Hasnita Che Harun ; Syed Muhammad Al-Amsyar ; Mohammad Mijanur Rahman ; Zulhisyam Abdul Kari ; Mohd Nasarudin Mohd Yusoff ; Khairiyah Mat 
2May-2021Study of microbial inoculants effect on the quality of corn stover silage planted in different areas in KelantanMat, K. ; Mahamad N. ; Rusli N.D. ; Hasnita, C.H. ; Rahman M. M. ; Al-Amsyar, S.M. ; Mahmud, M. 
32022Salts, protease and their synergistic effect as catalysts in protein hydrolysis of black soldier fly larvae (Hermetia illucens)Al-Amsyar, S.M. ; Zuki N.A.M. ; Ibrahim N.A. ; Mat, K. ; Rusli N.D. ; Hasnita, C.H. ; Mahmud, M. ; Samat N. 
42023The roles of soybean lecithin in aquafeed: a crucial need and updateWee, W ; Tellez-Isaias, G ; Kari, ZA ; Cheadoloh, R ; Kabir, MA ; Mat, K. ; Sukri S.A.M. ; Rahman M M ; Rusli N.D. ; Wei L.S. 
52023Recent Advances, Challenges, Opportunities, Product Development and Sustainability of Main Agricultural Wastes for the Aquaculture Feed Industry - A ReviewKari, Z.A. ; Sukri S.A.M. ; Rusli, N.D. ; Mat K. ; Mahmud M.B. ; Zakaria, N.N.A. ; Wee W. ; Hamid N.K.A. ; Kabir M.A. ; Ariff N.S.N.A. ; Abidin S.Z. ; Zakaria M.K. ; Goh K.W. ; Khoo M.I. ; Van Doan H. ; Tahiluddin A. ; Wei L.S. 
62020PYTOBLOCK: VEGAN PLANTING BLOCKMAHMUD MOHD ; Mat K.B. ; Syed Muhammad Al-Amsyar ; Rusli N.D. ; Maryana Mohamad Nor ; Hasnita, C.H. 
7May-2021Preliminary study on the effect of feeding Black Soldier Fly Larvae (BSFL) on growth and laying performance of Japanese Quail (Cortunix japonica)Mat, K. ; Mohamad N.A.S. ; Rusli N.D. ; Rahman M M ; Hasnita, C.H. ; Al-Amsyar, S.M. ; Mahmud M. 
82022Preliminary study on potential activity of aqueous Moringa oleifera leaves extract as natural preservatives to extend the shelf life of raw goat milkChanran, G. ; Rusli N.D. ; Hasnita, C.H. ; Mahmud, M. ; Mokhtar, S. I. ; Yusoff, M. N. M. ; Mat, K. 
9Dec-2020Preliminary Study of Buffer Ratio in Protein Extraction from Placental Cotyledons of Kedah-Kelantan CattleY. Y. Tee ; Mat K. ; M. A. Adam ; Rusli N.D. ; C. H. Hasnita ; H. N. Mohd Khalid 
10Sep-2021Pre-treatment of Black Soldier Fly Larvae (BSFL) using neutral salt to improve protein digestibility of Macrobrachium rosenbergii feedMuhammad Amiruddin W. ; Siti Zarin Sofia A.M. ; Al-Amsyar, S.M. ; Rusli N.D. ; Mat K.B. ; Muhamad Sukri S.A. ; Mohd M. ; Hasnita, C.H. 
112021The Potential of Pretreated Oil Palm Frond in Enhancing Rumen Degradability and Growth Performance: A ReviewRusli N.D. ; Ghani A.A.A. ; Mat, K. ; Yusof M.T. ; Zamri-Saad M. ; Hassim H.A. 
122020Potential Niche in Boosting Aquaculture IndustryChe Harun, Hasnita ; Mat K.B. ; MAHMUD MOHD ; Syed Amsyar ; Suniza Anis Mohamad Sukri ; Muhammad Amiruddin Wahab ; Roselina Ahmad Saufi ; Rusli N.D. 
13Nov-2021The possibility of replacing fish meal with fermented soy pulp on the growth performance, blood biochemistry, liver, and intestinal morphology of African catfish (Clarias gariepinus)Kari, ZA ; Kabir, MA ; Mat, K. ; Rusli, N.D. ; Razab, MKAA ; Ariff, NSNA ; Edinur, HA ; Rahim, MZA ; Pati, S ; Dawood, MAO ; Wei L.S. 
142023Pineapple waste in animal feed: A review of nutritional potential, impact and prospectsSukri S.A.M. ; Andu Y. ; Sarijan S. ; Khalid H.-N.M. ; Kari, Z.A. ; Harun H.C. ; Rusli N.D. ; Mat K. ; Khalif R.A.R.R. ; Wei L.S. ; Rahman M.M. ; Hakim A.H. ; Norazmi Lokman N.H. ; Hamid N.K.A. ; Khoo M.I. ; Doan H.V. 
15Aug-2020Physicochemical, antioxidant and sensory characteristics of cookies supplemented with different levels of spent coffee ground extractAzuan A.A. ; Mohd Z.Z. ; Hasmadi M. ; Rusli N.D. ; Zainol M.K. 
162021Physicochemical properties and sensory characteristics of ciku fruit (Manilkara zapota) pastillesHashim N.H. ; Mohd Zin Z. ; Zamri A.I. ; Rusli N.D. ; Smedley K.L. ; Zainol M.K. 
17Oct-2020Physicochemical properties and sensory acceptance of canavalia ensiformis tempeh energy barZainal Abidin N.A. ; Mohd Zin Z. ; Abdullah M.A.A. ; Rusli N.D. ; Zainol M.K. 
18Aug-2020Physicochemical and sensory properties of deep fried battered squid containing brownstripe red snapper (Lutjanus vitta) protein hydrolysateChew R.M. ; Mohd Zin Z. ; Ahmad A. ; Mohtar N.F. ; Rusli N.D. ; Zainol M.K. 
19Jun-2022Palm date meal as a non-traditional ingredient for feeding aquatic animals: A reviewZulhisyam Abdul Kari ; Khang Wen Goh ; Hisham Atan Edinur ; Khairiyah Mat ; Hazreen Nita Mohd Khalid ; Nor Dini Rusli ; Suniza Anis Mohamad Sukri ; Hasnita Che Harun ; Lee Seong Wei ; Muhamad Hakim Mohd Ali Hanafiah ; Mohammad Mijanur Rahman ; Mohammad Khairul Azhar Abdul Razab ; Wendy Wee ; Nik Shahman Nik Ahmad Ariff ; Mahmoud A.O. Dawood 
206-Sep-2021Optimisation of treated Black Soldier Fly Larvae (BSFL) using acidic salt to improve protein digestibility of giant freshwater prawn (Macrobrachium rosenbergii) larvaeHasnita, C.H. ; Muhammad Amiruddin W. ; Leng O.S. ; Abdul Malik S.Z. ; Yee L.S. ; Rusli N.D. ; Mat K.B. ; Mohd M. ; Sukri S.A.M. ; Al-Amsyar, S.M.