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Suniza Anis Mohamad Sukri
Suniza Anis Mohamad Sukri
Sukri S.A.M.
Muhamad Sukri S.A.
Mohd Sukri S.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Sep-2021Technology Improvement Of Mini Smart Artificial Incubator System (SMART Fin-Tech) For Fiah EggSukri S.A.M. ; Kari, Z.A. ; Harith Z.T. ; C. H. Hasnita ; Mohd Fareezman Zamzuri 
22023The roles of soybean lecithin in aquafeed: a crucial need and updateWee, W ; Tellez-Isaias, G ; Kari, ZA ; Cheadoloh, R ; Kabir, MA ; Mat, K. ; Sukri S.A.M. ; Rahman M M ; Rusli N.D. ; Wei L.S. 
3Oct-2022Role of phytobiotics in relieving the impacts of Aeromonas hydrophila infection on aquatic animals: A mini-reviewAbdul Kari Z. ; Wee W. ; Muhamad Sukri S.A. ; Che Harun H. ; Hanif Reduan M.F. ; Irwan Khoo M. ; Van Doan H. ; Wen Goh K. ; Seong Wei L. 
42023Recent Advances, Challenges, Opportunities, Product Development and Sustainability of Main Agricultural Wastes for the Aquaculture Feed Industry - A ReviewKari, Z.A. ; Sukri S.A.M. ; Rusli, N.D. ; Mat K. ; Mahmud M.B. ; Zakaria, N.N.A. ; Wee W. ; Hamid N.K.A. ; Kabir M.A. ; Ariff N.S.N.A. ; Abidin S.Z. ; Zakaria M.K. ; Goh K.W. ; Khoo M.I. ; Van Doan H. ; Tahiluddin A. ; Wei L.S. 
5Sep-2021Pre-treatment of Black Soldier Fly Larvae (BSFL) using neutral salt to improve protein digestibility of Macrobrachium rosenbergii feedMuhammad Amiruddin W. ; Siti Zarin Sofia A.M. ; Al-Amsyar, S.M. ; Rusli N.D. ; Mat K.B. ; Muhamad Sukri S.A. ; Mohd M. ; Hasnita, C.H. 
62020Potential Niche in Boosting Aquaculture IndustryChe Harun, Hasnita ; Mat K.B. ; MAHMUD MOHD ; Syed Amsyar ; Suniza Anis Mohamad Sukri ; Muhammad Amiruddin Wahab ; Roselina Ahmad Saufi ; Rusli N.D. 
72023Pineapple waste in animal feed: A review of nutritional potential, impact and prospectsSukri S.A.M. ; Andu Y. ; Sarijan S. ; Khalid H.-N.M. ; Kari, Z.A. ; Harun H.C. ; Rusli N.D. ; Mat K. ; Khalif R.A.R.R. ; Wei L.S. ; Rahman M.M. ; Hakim A.H. ; Norazmi Lokman N.H. ; Hamid N.K.A. ; Khoo M.I. ; Doan H.V. 
8Jun-2022Palm date meal as a non-traditional ingredient for feeding aquatic animals: A reviewZulhisyam Abdul Kari ; Khang Wen Goh ; Hisham Atan Edinur ; Khairiyah Mat ; Hazreen Nita Mohd Khalid ; Nor Dini Rusli ; Suniza Anis Mohamad Sukri ; Hasnita Che Harun ; Lee Seong Wei ; Muhamad Hakim Mohd Ali Hanafiah ; Mohammad Mijanur Rahman ; Mohammad Khairul Azhar Abdul Razab ; Wendy Wee ; Nik Shahman Nik Ahmad Ariff ; Mahmoud A.O. Dawood 
96-Sep-2021Optimisation of treated Black Soldier Fly Larvae (BSFL) using acidic salt to improve protein digestibility of giant freshwater prawn (Macrobrachium rosenbergii) larvaeHasnita, C.H. ; Muhammad Amiruddin W. ; Leng O.S. ; Abdul Malik S.Z. ; Yee L.S. ; Rusli N.D. ; Mat K.B. ; Mohd M. ; Sukri S.A.M. ; Al-Amsyar, S.M. 
10Jan-2022Olive oil by-products in aquafeed: Opportunities and challengesHazreen Nita M. K. ; Zulhisyam A.K. ; Mat, K. ; Rusli N.D. ; Sukri S.A.M. ; Hasnita, C.H. ; Lee, S.W. ; Rahman M. M. ; N.H. Norazmi-Lokman ; Mansor Nur-Nazifah ; Mohd Firdaus-Nawi ; Mahmoud A.O. Dawood 
11Apr-2022The impact of water quality on the Asian clam, Corbicula fluminea, distribution in Pergau Lake, Kelantan, MalaysiaRak, A.E. ; Kari, ZA ; Ramli, MZ ; Hasnita, C.H. ; Sukri S.A.M. ; Khalid, HNM ; Abdullah, F ; Dawood, MAO ; Wee, W ; Lee, S.W. 
12May-2021Heavy metals concentration in spotted babylon snail, Babylonia areolata from Kemasin Coast, KelantanJennielyn J. ; Sukri S.A.M. ; Hasnita, C.H. ; Noordin N.M. ; Andu, Y. ; Harith Z.T. ; Sarijan S. 
132022Effects of different inclusion levels of black soldier fly larvae on biochemical composition, water stability and floatability of formulated giant freshwater prawn feedHarun H.C. ; Wahab M.A. ; Nor M.F.M. ; Tian K.K. ; Yan A.F.K. ; Sukri S.A.M. ; Mat, K. ; Rusli, N.D. ; Al-Amsyar, S.M. ; Mahmud, M. 
14Jan-2024Effects of dietary astaxanthin enrichment on enhancing the colour and growth of red tilapia, Oreochromis sp.Tuan Harith, Z. ; Mohd Sukri S. ; Remlee N.F.S. ; Mohd Sabir F.N. ; Zakaria, N.N.A. 
152023Effect of Fish Meal Substitution with Black Soldier Fly (Hermetia illucens) on Growth Performance, Feed Stability, Blood Biochemistry, and Liver and Gut Morphology of Siamese Fighting Fish (Betta splendens)Kari, Z.A. ; Téllez-Isaías G. ; Hamid N.K.A. ; Rusli N.D. ; Mat, K. ; Sukri S.A.M. ; Kabir M.A. ; Ishak A.R. ; Dom N.C. ; Abdel-Warith A.-W.A. ; Younis E.M. ; Khoo M.I. ; Abdullah F. ; Shahjahan M. ; Rohani M.F. ; Davies S.J. ; Lee, S.W. 
162022Effect of feeding pineapple waste on growth performance, texture quality and flesh colour of nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) fingerlingsSukri S.A.M. ; Andu, Y. ; Harith Z.T. ; Sarijan S. ; Naim Firdaus Pauzi M. ; Wei L.S. ; Dawood M.A.O. ; Kari, Z.A. 
172022Coconut Palm: Food, Feed, and Nutraceutical PropertiesMat K. ; Kari, Z.A. ; Rusli, N.D. ; Hasnita, C.H. ; Lee, S.W. ; Rahman M. M. ; Khalid H. N. M. ; Hakim, Ali Hanafiah ; Sukri S.A.M. ; Khalif R.A.R.R. ; Mohd Zin Z. ; Mohd Zainol M.K. ; Panadi M. ; Mohd Nor M.F. ; Goh K.W. 
18May-2021Carotenoids, phenolics and antioxidant properties of different sweet potatoes (Ipomoea batatas) varietiesOoi S.F. ; Sukri S.A.M. ; Zakaria, N.N.A. ; Harith Z.T. 
19Sep-2021Astax-feedHarith Z.T. ; Sukri S.A.M. ; Zakaria, N.N.A. ; Fatin Nursabriena Mohd Sabir ; Fatin Syuhada Remlee 
20May-2021Application of herbal plants in giant freshwater prawn: A review on its opportunities and limitationAmiruddin W.M. ; Sukri S.A.M. ; Al-Amsyar, S.M. ; Rusli N.D. ; Mat K.B. ; Mohd M. ; Harun H.C.