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12023To Manage the ZAPTA Technology Professionally: A Time to DecideHayat, N. ; Mukhtar, D. 
2Jul-2022Tax Compliance Behavior Among Malaysian Taxpayers: A Dual-stage PLS-SEM and ANN AnalysisHayat, N. ; Salameh A.A. ; Mamun A.A. ; Helmi Ali M. ; Makhbul Z.K.M. 
37-Apr-2022Sustainable Economic Development Through Entrepreneurship: A Study on Attitude, Opportunity Recognition, and Entrepreneurial Intention Among University Students in MalaysiaWiramihardja K. ; N’dary V. ; Al Mamun A. ; Munikrishnan U.T. ; Yang Q. ; Salamah A.A. ; Hayat, N. 
42022Sustainable Customer Retention: A Study on Social Media Marketing Activities, Brand Equity and Smartphone Purchase Intention among Generation YNawi, N.B.C. ; Mamun A.A. ; Hayat, N. ; Mohiuddin M. 
52022Sustainable customer retention through social media marketing activities using hybrid SEM-neural network approachYang Q. ; Hayat, N. ; Mamun A.A. ; Makhbul Z.K.M. ; Zainol, N.R. 
6Nov-2023Renewable Energy and Sustainable Development-Investigating Intention and Consumption among Low-Income Households in an Emerging EconomyFazal, SA ; Hayat, N. ; Al Mamun, A 
7Jan-2022Promoting Sustainable Financial Services Through the Adoption of eWallet Among Malaysian Working AdultsNawi N.C. ; Al Mamun, A ; Hayat, N. ; Seduram, L 
82023Progressing Sustainable Development through Social Entrepreneurship: Modelling Intentional Predictors for Bangladesh Using the VaFazal, SA ; Mamun, AA ; Hayat, N. ; Peris, SF ; Ali, MH ; Jamaluddin, H 
92-Dec-2020Predicting the purchase intention and behaviour towards green skincare products among Malaysian consumersMamun A.A. ; Nawi N.C. ; Hayat, N. ; Zainol, N.R.B. 
102022Predicting the Mass Adoption of eDoctor Apps During COVID-19 in China Using Hybrid SEM-Neural Network AnalysisYang Q. ; Mamun A.A. ; Hayat, N. ; Md. Salleh M.F. ; Salameh A.A. ; Makhbul Z.K.M. 
112022Predicting the Intention to Pursue Certified Professional Accountancy Qualification Among the Accounting StudentsChi T.K. ; Sin Yi T. ; Al Mamun A. ; Hayat, N. ; Salamah A.A. ; Yang Q. 
122022Predicting the intention to adopt wearable payment devices in China: The use of hybrid SEM-Neural network approachLuyao L. ; Al Mamun A. ; Yang Q. ; Hayat, N. ; Hoque M.E. ; Zainol, N.R. 
132020Predicting nurses burnout through quality of work life and psychological empowerment: A study towards sustainable healthcare services in MalaysiaPermarupan P. ; Mamun, A.A. ; Samy, N.K. ; Saufi R.A. ; Hayat, N. 
142023Perceived Risk, Trust, and Online Food Purchase Intention Among MalaysiansMunikrishnan U.T. ; Huang K. ; Mamun A.A. ; Hayat, N. 
152023Online Insurance Purchase Intention and Behaviour among Chinese Working AdultsHayat, N. ; Zainol, N.R. ; Abir T. ; Al Mamun A. ; Salameh A.A. ; Mahshar M. 
162020Nursing management challenges: Effect of quality of work life on depersonalizationPermarupan, P.Yukthamarani ; Al Mamun A. ; Hayat, N. ; Saufi R.A. ; Samy, N.K. 
172021Motivation towards adoption of internet of things (Iot) services in retailing among malaysian youthNawi, N.B.C. ; Mamun A.A. ; Isa Yusoff Y.Z.M ; Salameh A.A. ; Muhammad, M. Z. ; Hayat, N. 
18Sep-2022Modelling the significance of website quality and online reviews to predict the intention and usage of online hotel booking platformsSalameh A.A. ; Al Mamun A. ; Hayat, N. ; Ali M.H. 
19Aug-2022Modelling the Significance of Value-Belief-Norm Theory in Predicting Solid Waste Management Intention and BehaviorAl Mamun A. ; Hayat, N. ; Masud M.M. ; Makhbul Z.K.M. ; Jannat T. ; Salleh M.F.M. 
20Jun-2022Modelling the mass adoption potential of wearable medical devicesYang Q. ; Al Mamun A. ; Hayat, N. ; Salleh M.F. ; Jingzu G. ; Zainol, N.R.