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1Sep-2021Writer BoosterMohd Zulkifli Muhammad ; Ahmad Ridhuwan Abdullah ; Zul Karami Che Musa ; Azwan Abdullah ; Noorshella Che Nawi ; Mahathir Muhamad 
22023Women Micro-Enterprises Performance, Role of Social Capital, Locus of Control and Institutional Support on Entrepreneurial Orientation Nexus. A Conceptual PerspectiveSolomon Gbene Zaato ; Mohammad Ismail ; Noorshella Che Nawi ; Sathiswaran Uthamaputran ; Mohd Ikhwan Aziz 
32021The Usage of Cashless Transaction in University Community in Pengkalan Chepa CityFarah Hanan Muhamad ; Mohd Zulkifli Muhammad ; Noorshella Che Nawi ; Hazriah Hasan ; Siti Rohana Mohamad 
42022Teaching and Learning Financial Management Course Using e-WhiteboardTahirah Abdullah ; Siti Afiqah Zainuddin ; Nur Farahiah Azmi ; Noorul Azwin Md Nasir ; Siti Nurul Shuhada Deraman ; Noorshella Che Nawi ; Siti Rohana Mohamad ; Wan Farha Wan Zulkiffli 
52020A systematic literature review on business model innovation: Industrial, methodology & positioning gapsHusin S.S. ; Rahman, AAA ; Mukhtar, D. ; Nawi N.C. 
62023Sustainable risk management practice in the organization: a Malaysian case studyZainuddin, S. A. ; Abdullah B. ; Nasir N.A.M. ; Abdullah, T. ; Nawi N.C. ; Patwary A.K. ; Hashim N.A.A.N. 
72022Sustainable Customer Retention: A Study on Social Media Marketing Activities, Brand Equity and Smartphone Purchase Intention among Generation YNawi, N.B.C. ; Mamun A.A. ; Hayat, N. ; Mohiuddin M. 
8Sep-2021Submit a Mobile Application for Assignment Due Dates Management: A MobagogySiti Afiqah Zainuddin ; Noorul Azwin Md Nasir ; Tahirah Abdullah ; Noorshella Che Nawi ; Wan Farha Wan Zulkiffli ; Mohd Nor Hakimin Yusoff ; Siti Salwani Abdullah ; Ahmad Ridhuwan Abdullah ; Siti Rohana Mohamad ; Siti Nurul Shuhada Deraman ; Nur Farahiah Azmi ; Nur Izzati Mohamad Anuar ; Nik Alif Amri Nik Hashim ; Hazriah Hasan 
9Jan-2020Strategic Orientations and Absorptive Capacity on Economic and Environmental Sustainability: A Study among the Batik Small and Medium Enterprises in MalaysiaNawi, N.C. ; Abdullah A. A. ; Daud, R.R.R. ; Nasir, N.A.M. 
102022Strategic Orientations and Absorptive Capacity on Competitive Advantage Among the Batik SMEs in MalaysiaDaud, R.R.R. ; Nasir NAM ; Nawi N.C. ; Al-Mamun A. ; Aidara S. 
11Jul-2021Sources of brand equity: An investigation in SMEs contextAbdghani, N.H. ; Nawi N.C. ; Rahman A.A.A. 
122021Social Media Marketing to Enhance Customer Equity on Fashion Apparel Brand among University StudentsNawi N.C. ; Ghani, N.H.A ; Abdullah, A. ; Alareeni, B. ; Shuhada Deraman S.N. ; Hasan, M. Z. M. ; Zaato, S.G. 
132020Social Media and Consumer Engagement: The Case of Malaysian Student EntrepreneursAl Mamun A. ; Che Nawi N.B. ; Nasir N.A.B.M. ; Fazal S.A. 
14Mar-2021Social Entrepreneurship Intention: A PLS-SEM ApproachMohd Nazri Zakaria ; Aisyah Bahiah Aidul Bahrein ; Noorshella Che Nawi ; Azwan Abdullah 
15Nov-2020Social Entrepreneurial Intention: A Pls-Sem ApproachAisyah Bahiah Aidul Bahrein ; Mohd Nazri Zakaria ; Noorshella Che Nawi ; Azwan Abdullah 
162020Social Entrepreneurial Intention: A Pls-Sem ApproachAisyah Bahiah Aidul Bahrein ; Mohd Nazri Zakaria ; Noorshella Che Nawi ; Azwan Abdullah 
17Jul-2021Self-esteem and perceived academic control towards well-being emotion among wellness studentsZaki M.H.M. ; Noorshella Che Nawi ; Azwan A. ; Rahman, AAA ; Mahathir M. 
18Jan-2022Promoting Sustainable Financial Services Through the Adoption of eWallet Among Malaysian Working AdultsNawi N.C. ; Al Mamun, A ; Hayat, N. ; Seduram, L 
192-Dec-2020Predicting the purchase intention and behaviour towards green skincare products among Malaysian consumersMamun A.A. ; Nawi N.C. ; Hayat, N. ; Zainol, N.R.B. 
20Aug-2020Predicting Sustainable Farm Performance—Using Hybrid Structural Equation Modelling with an Artificial Neural Network ApproachNaeem H. ; Al Mamun, A. ; Nasir, N.A.M. ; Selvachandran, G. ; Nawi, N.B.C. ; Gai, Q.S.