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Title: Progressing Sustainable Development through Social Entrepreneurship: Modelling Intentional Predictors for Bangladesh Using the Va
Authors: Fazal, SA 
Mamun, AA 
Hayat, N. 
Peris, SF 
Ali, MH 
Jamaluddin, H 
Keywords: social entrepreneurship intention;value–belief–norm model;working adults
Issue Date: 2023
Publisher: Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI)
Journal: Sustainability (Switzerland) 
Considering the diverse social and environmental issues globally, social entrepreneurship could be the most relevant solution to address social issues by employing a sustainable economic model, particularly for developing nations with limited government support. Hence, we examined social entrepreneurship intention among working adults in Bangladesh using an extended version of the value–belief–norm model. We used a cross-sectional design to arrange an online questionnaire and collect quantitative data from 187 respondents. SEM-PLS was used for analysis. Findings revealed a significant positive effect of openness to change, self-enhancement, and self-transcendence on problem awareness. Problem awareness was found to significantly affect outcome efficacy and social entrepreneurship intention. Finally, personal norms showed significant positive effects on social entrepreneurship intention. The mediating role of problem awareness and personal norms was further confirmed. Apart from extending the lens of VBN and enriching the current literature, insights from this study could assist policymakers, social organizations, and social entrepreneurs in formulating relevant policies and sustaining social ventures.
Web of Science / Scopus
ISSN: 20711050
DOI: 10.3390/su151712971
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