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128-Dec-2020Synthesis of Zinc Oxide Nanostructures Growth by the role of pH variationAli, A. ; Yusoff, M. ; Noor A.M. ; Teo, P.T. ; Mamat S. ; Mohamad, M. ; Ramli N.H. ; Akmal S. ; Rahimie 
22023Studies on the Optical and Photoelectric Properties of Anthocyanin and Chlorophyll as Dihybrid Sensitizer in Dye Sensitized Solar Cell (DSSC)Jaafar, H. ; Magesvaran L. ; Ameram, N ; Ali, A. 
3Dec-2021A review of rice husk silica as a heterogeneous catalyst supportNasir, I ; Zaudin N.A.C. ; Ali, A. ; Hassan, S.R. ; Mohamed Sapari, J ; Ameran, N 
428-Dec-2020Recycling of Wood Saw Dust Waste as Green Pore Forming Agent for Porous CeramicZakaria S.K. ; Hakim Md Zulkifli M.L. ; Azhar Taib M.A. ; Budiman F. ; Mohamed, M ; Yusoff A.H. ; Teo, P.T. ; Ali, A. 
5Jul-2021Recycling food, agricultural, and industrial wastes as pore-forming agents for sustainable porous ceramic production: A reviewSalleh S.Z. ; Awang Kechik A. ; Yusoff A.H. ; Taib M.A.A. ; Maryana M.N. ; Mohamad M. ; Tan, T.G. ; Ali, A. ; Masri M.N. ; Mohamed, J. J. ; Zakaria S.K. ; Boon, J.G. ; Teo, P.T. 
62022Rapid production of carbon steel slag based-structural clay product using dry mixing integrated with uniaxial compaction processZakaria, Siti Koriah ; Yusoff, M. ; Sharif, Nurulakmal Mohd ; Seman, Anasyida Abu ; Taib, Mustaffa Ali Azhar ; Mohamad M. ; Arlina, A. ; Ameran, N ; Kechik, Afiqah Awang ; Teo, P.T. 
7Dec-2023Preliminary Study of Utilizing Coconut Husk Waste as Pore Forming Agent for Clay Based Porous CeramicSifa Aminah Saleh ; Afnan Azzahra Ahmad Kamal ; Arlina Ali ; Mardawani Mohamad ; Mahani Yusoff ; Wei Chen Lum ; Nur Nabilah Shahidan ; Pao Ter Teo 
8Jun-2021Preliminary assessment of recycling Malaysia’s electric arc furnace (EAF) steel slag waste as one of raw materials for geopolymer ceramic productZakaria S.K. ; Rahman N.I.N.A. ; Salleh S.Z. ; Sharif N.M. ; Seman A.A. ; Taib M.A.A. ; Mohamed, J. J. ; Yusoff, M. ; Yusoff A.H. ; Mohamad M. ; Masri M.N. ; A. Ali ; Teo, P.T. 
92021Plant extracts as green corrosion inhibitor for ferrous metal alloys: A reviewSiti Zuliana Salleh ; Abdul Hafidz Yusoff ; Siti Koriah Zakaria ; Mustaffa Ali Azhar Taib ; Anasyida Abu Seman ; Muhammad Najmi Mohd Masri ; Mardawani Mohamad ; Sarizam Mamat ; Sharizal Ahmad Sobri ; Arlina Ali ; Teo, Pao Ter 
102021Physical, morphological and mineralogical properties of ceramic brick incorporated with Malaysia’s rice hush ash (Rha) agricultural wasteHamzah A.M. ; Zakaria S.K. ; Salleh S.Z. ; Yusoff A.H. ; Ali, A. ; Mohamad M. ; Masri M.N. ; Sobri, S.A. ; Taib M.A.A. ; Budiman F. ; Teo, P.T. 
112023Phase and Thermal Properties of Calcium Copper Titanate (CaCu3Ti4O12)/Barium Titanate (BaTiO3) CompositesMuhamad Afif Zaafarani Muhamad Aidi ; Norfadhilah Ibrahim ; Arlina Ali ; Julie Juliewatty Mohamed ; Muhammad Azwadi Sulaiman 
122022Optimization of wood saw dust (WSD) as pore forming agent for porous ceramic using response surface methodology (RSM) statistical designKechik A.A. ; Tharmizi N.A.M. ; Arlina, A. ; Taib M.A.A. ; Mohamad M. ; Boon, J.G. ; Masri M.N. ; Mohamed, J. J. ; Zakaria S.K. ; Teo, P.T. 
134-Sep-2020Optimization of rice husk ash (RHA) as partial replacement of cementing material in structural ceramic composite concrete using response surface methodology (RSM) statistical experimental designMohd Fazli, AA ; Zakaria, SK ; Abd Rahman, NIN ; Salleh, SZ ; Yusoff A.H. ; Salleh, NA ; Taib, MAA ; Budiman, F ; Ali, A. ; Teo, P.T. 
142022Optical and Structural Properties of Controlled pH Variation on Zinc Oxide Nanostructured via Hydrothermal MethodArlina Ali ; Nadiah Ameran ; Teo Pao Ter ; Hidayani Jaafar ; Akmal Syamsir ; Muhamud L. Rahimi 
152023Impact of Titanium Dioxide with Industrial Food Waste on Bio-polymer Matrix of Banana Peel from Agricultural Waste: A reviewNik Alnur Auli Nik Yusuf ; Mahani Yusoff ; Nor Hakimin Abdullah ; Nadiah Ameran ; Nur Sakinah Mohamed Tamat ; Arlina Ali ; Mohamad Bashree Abu Bakar ; Nik Nurul Anis Nik Yusoff ; Norfadhilah Ibrahim 
162023Extraction of Silica from Bamboo Leaves Ash (Bambusoideae) Using Hydrochloric Acid and Nitric AcidSiti Nurul Huda Azman ; Nadiah Ameran ; Hidayani Jaafar ; Mohd Hazim Mohamad Amini ; Arlina Ali 
17Jun-2022Efficient eco-friendly hybrid natural dyes as sensitizer for dye-sensitized solar cell (DSSC) applicationJaafar, H. ; Magesvaran, Logashini ; Arlina, A. 
1828-Dec-2020Effect of Welding Process to the Porosity Formation in Carbon SteelEllyana Roslan, R.A. ; Mohd Ladin, L.H. ; Mamat, S. ; Teo, P.T. ; Abdullah, N. H. ; Arlina Ali ; Mohamad, F. ; Toshifum, Y. 
192022Effect of compaction pressure and sintering temperature on mechanically-alloyed aluminium-copper-graphite nanocompositeRasyidah Mohamad Roslan ; Mahani Yusoff ; Mohd Hasmizam Razali ; Norfadhilah Ibrahim ; Arlina Ali 
202022Effect of added copper oxide with zinc oxide prepared via hydrothermal methodArlina Ali ; Ibrahim, N. ; Teo, P.T. ; Jaafar, H. ; Abdullah, N. H. ; Akmal S. ; Rahimie L. M.