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Teo, Pao Ter
Pao Ter Teo
PT Teo
Teo Pao Ter
Teo, P.T.
Ter T.P.
Pao Ter, T.
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Ts. Dr. Teo Pao Ter received his Bachelor of Engineering (Materials Engineering) with 1st Class Honours and Doctor of Philosophy (Materials Engineering – Metals) from Universiti Sains Malaysia back in 2012 and 2017, respectively. Prior to pursuing Ph.D degree, he worked as a Research Engineer at Southern Steel Berhad, Penang Malaysia from year 2012 to 2013. After completed the Ph.D study, he joined Materials Technology Program, Faculty of Bioengineering and Technology, Universiti Malaysia Kelantan on December 2017 as Lecturer and subsequently was promoted to Senior Lecturer on May 2019. Since 2013, he has been actively involved in materials recycling technology related research field, encompassing re-processing, utilization and recycling of agricultural and industrials solid wastes as secondary greener and sustainable raw materials for development of new material products. Along with the academic and industry career path, he has secured several research grants as both Project Leader and Project Member such as Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS), Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia, UMK Prototype Fund (UMK-PRO), Southern Steel Contract Research Fund and UMK’s Short-term Research Grant (SGJP). His extensive research outputs have been successfully published in prestigious Web of Science (WoS) and high impact factor (Q1) journals such as Waste Management (Elsevier), Journal of Cleaner Production (Elsevier) and Metals (MDPI).
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12022Thermal properties of nonstoichiometric Ca1+xCu3Ti4-xO12-2xceramic materials in nitrogen and oxygen environmentMohamed, J. J. ; Jasmi W.N.D.W.N.A. ; Daud N. ; Teo, P.T. ; Abu M.J. ; Rahman M.F.A. ; Yuwono A.H. 
228-Dec-2020Synthesis of Zinc Oxide Nanostructures Growth by the role of pH variationAli, A. ; Yusoff, M. ; Noor A.M. ; Teo, P.T. ; Mamat S. ; Mohamad, M. ; Ramli N.H. ; Akmal S. ; Rahimie 
32022Synthesis and characterization of Ca-Less CCTO dielectric electroceramic materialsMohamed, J. J. ; Jasmi W.N.D.W.N.A. ; Daud N. ; Ter T.P. ; Abu M.J. ; Rahman M.F.A. ; Yuwono A.H. 
42022The Study of Copper Alloy With Graphene Additive Via X-Ray DiffractionMasri M.N. ; Mohammad M. ; Yusoff, M. ; Mamat, S. ; Teo, P.T. ; Othman R. ; Irfan A.R. ; Singh P.K. 
5May-2021Spent coffee ground as low-cost adsorbent for congo red dye removal from aqueous solutionTaufik R. ; Mohamad, M. ; Wannahari R. ; Shoparwe, N.F. ; Osman, W.H.W ; Ter T.P. ; Masri M.N. 
62022Specific heat and enthalpy of crystallization CaCu3+ xTi4O12+ xin TGA and DSC isothermal oxidation at 1000 °cDaud N. ; Mohamed, J. J. ; Jasmi W.N.D.W.N.A. ; Teo, P.T. ; Abu M.J. ; Rahman M.F.A., ; Yuwono A.H. 
728-Dec-2020Recycling of Wood Saw Dust Waste as Green Pore Forming Agent for Porous CeramicZakaria S.K. ; Hakim Md Zulkifli M.L. ; Azhar Taib M.A. ; Budiman F. ; Mohamed, M ; Yusoff A.H. ; Teo, P.T. ; Ali, A. 
828-Dec-2020Recycling of Pineapple (Ananas comosus) Leaf Agro-waste as One of the Raw Materials for Production of Eco-friendly New PaperTeo, P.T. ; Zakaria S.K. ; Azhar Taib M.A. ; Budiman F. ; Mohamad, M. ; Yusoff A.H. ; Ahmad Sobri, S 
9Jul-2021Recycling food, agricultural, and industrial wastes as pore-forming agents for sustainable porous ceramic production: A reviewSalleh S.Z. ; Awang Kechik A. ; Yusoff A.H. ; Taib M.A.A. ; Maryana M.N. ; Mohamad M. ; Tan, T.G. ; Ali, A. ; Masri M.N. ; Mohamed, J. J. ; Zakaria S.K. ; Boon, J.G. ; Teo, P.T. 
102022Rare earth elements composition in surface sediment from Kelantan riverChang S.C., ; Yusoff A.H. ; Ismail, R. ; Rahim M.A.C.A. ; Mohamed C.A.R. ; Shoparwe, N.F. ; Teo, P.T. ; Fauzi F.A. ; Liu S. 
112022Rapid production of carbon steel slag based-structural clay product using dry mixing integrated with uniaxial compaction processZakaria, Siti Koriah ; Yusoff, M. ; Sharif, Nurulakmal Mohd ; Seman, Anasyida Abu ; Taib, Mustaffa Ali Azhar ; Mohamad M. ; Arlina, A. ; Ameran, N ; Kechik, Afiqah Awang ; Teo, P.T. 
122023Properties of Alumina-Titania Hybrid Nanocomposite for Metallic Coating: A Brief ReviewMahani Yusoff ; Teo Pao Ter ; Nor Fadhilah Ibrahim ; Mohd Hasmizam Razali 
132020Preliminary Study on Mineral Identification in Sediment from Sungai Nal, Ulu Sat Forest, Kelantan, MalaysiaTer T.P. ; Yusoff A.H. ; Chang C.S. ; Mohamed K.N. ; Sulaiman M.S. ; Shoparwe, N.F. ; Mohd Amin, M.F. ; Muhamad Nor, A.N. ; Zakaria K.A. ; Hazwani Oslan S.N. 
14Dec-2023Preliminary Study of Utilizing Coconut Husk Waste as Pore Forming Agent for Clay Based Porous CeramicSifa Aminah Saleh ; Afnan Azzahra Ahmad Kamal ; Arlina Ali ; Mardawani Mohamad ; Mahani Yusoff ; Wei Chen Lum ; Nur Nabilah Shahidan ; Pao Ter Teo 
15Jun-2021Preliminary assessment of recycling Malaysia’s electric arc furnace (EAF) steel slag waste as one of raw materials for geopolymer ceramic productZakaria S.K. ; Rahman N.I.N.A. ; Salleh S.Z. ; Sharif N.M. ; Seman A.A. ; Taib M.A.A. ; Mohamed, J. J. ; Yusoff, M. ; Yusoff A.H. ; Mohamad M. ; Masri M.N. ; A. Ali ; Teo, P.T. 
16Sep-2020Potential recycling of metallurgical slag waste into geopolymer products: A brief reviewZakaria, S.K. ; Sharif, N.M. ; Seman, A.A. ; Mohamed, J. J. ; Yusoff, M. ; Yusoff A.H. ; Ameran, N ; Teo, P.T. 
172020Potential of agricultural waste material (Ananas cosmos) as biosorbent for heavy metal removal in polluted waterYusoff A.H. ; Mohammad R ; Mohamad M. ; Sulaiman A.Z ; Che Zaudin, N. A. ; Rosmadi, N. ; Aqsa, F. ; Yusoff, M. ; Teo, P.T. 
182021Plant extracts as green corrosion inhibitor for ferrous metal alloys: A reviewSiti Zuliana Salleh ; Abdul Hafidz Yusoff ; Siti Koriah Zakaria ; Mustaffa Ali Azhar Taib ; Anasyida Abu Seman ; Muhammad Najmi Mohd Masri ; Mardawani Mohamad ; Sarizam Mamat ; Sharizal Ahmad Sobri ; Arlina Ali ; Teo, Pao Ter 
192021Physical, morphological and mineralogical properties of ceramic brick incorporated with Malaysia’s rice hush ash (Rha) agricultural wasteHamzah A.M. ; Zakaria S.K. ; Salleh S.Z. ; Yusoff A.H. ; Ali, A. ; Mohamad M. ; Masri M.N. ; Sobri, S.A. ; Taib M.A.A. ; Budiman F. ; Teo, P.T. 
202022Optimization Study of Malachite Green Dye Adsorption by Eggshell Using Response Surface MethodologyHoo H.M. ; Mohamad M. ; Wannahari R. ; Masri M.N. ; Teo, P.T. ; Mohidem N.A.