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12023Zingiber Zerumbet: Pharmacological Values of Zerumbone and the Extraction Technology EvolutionAhmad N.U. ; Nordin M.F.M. ; Mokhtar N. ; Wahab I.M.A. ; Mohamad M. ; Liong T.K. ; Amir S.N.K.M. 
22022Utilization of solid palm kernel expeller for attached growth of Chlorella vulgaris sp.Hemamalini R. ; Lim J.W. ; Leong W.H. ; Chew T.L. ; Lam M.K. ; Uganeeswary S. ; Mohamad M. ; Almendrala M.C. ; Shamsuddin R. 
3Sep-2021Systematic performance comparison of Fe3+/Fe0/peroxymonosulfate and Fe3+/Fe0/peroxydisulfate systems for organics removalOh W.-D. ; Ho Y.-C. ; Mohamad M. ; Ho C.-D. ; Ravi R. ; Lim J.-W. 
4Jun-2021Strategy to enhance catalytic activity and stability of sol–gel oxidoreductasesMohidem N.A. ; Bin Mat H. ; Mohamad, M. ; Hamzah F. ; Rashid M.U. 
5Aug-2021Stabilization of heavy metals loaded sewage sludge: Reviewing conventional to state-of-the-art thermal treatments in achieving energy sustainabilityLiew C.-S. ; Kiatkittipong W. ; Lim J.-W.. ; Lam M.-K. ; Ho C.-D. ; Ntwampe S.K.O. ; Mohamad, M. ; Usman A 
6May-2021Spent coffee ground as low-cost adsorbent for congo red dye removal from aqueous solutionTaufik R. ; Mohamad, M. ; Wannahari R. ; Shoparwe, N.F. ; Osman, W.H.W ; Ter T.P. ; Masri M.N. 
72023Solubilizing waste activated sludge via thermal treatment to enhance the biodegradabilityLiew, C. S. ; Lim, J. W. ; Raksasat, R. ; Rawindran, H. ; Ho, Y. C. ; Mohamad, M. ; Kiatkittipong, W. ; Helmy, Q. ; Lam, M. K. 
82-Dec-2021Simulation and optimization of anaerobic co-digestion of food waste with palm oil mill effluent for biogas productionTiong J.S.M. ; Chan Y.J. ; Lim J.W. ; Mohamad M. ; Ho C.-D. ; Ur Rahmah A. ; Kiatkittipong W. ; Sriseubsai W. ; Kumakiri I. 
9Jul-2021Simulation and optimisation of integrated anaerobic-aerobic bioreactor (IAAB) for the treatment of palm oil mill effluentChong, JWR ; Chan, YJ ; Chong, SEH ; Ho, YC ; Mohamad, M. ; Tan, WN ; Cheng, CK ; Lim, JW 
10Feb-2022A review on recent disposal of hazardous sewage sludge via anaerobic digestion and novel compostingLiew, Chin Seng ; Yunus, Normawati M. ; Chidi, Boredi Silas ; Lam, Man Kee ; Goh, Pei Sean ; Mohamad, M. ; Sin, Jin Chung ; Lam, Sze Mun ; Lim, Jun Wei ; Lam, Su Shiung 
11Aug-2022Residual palm kernel expeller as the support material and alimentation provider in enhancing attached microalgal growth for quality biodiesel productionRawindran H. ; Leong W.H. ; Suparmaniam U. ; Liew C.S. ; Raksasat R., ; Kiatkittipong W. ; Mohamad, M. ; Ghani N.A. ; Abdelfattah E.A. ; Lam M.K. ; Lim J.W. 
12Jul-2021Recycling food, agricultural, and industrial wastes as pore-forming agents for sustainable porous ceramic production: A reviewSalleh S.Z. ; Awang Kechik A. ; Yusoff A.H. ; Taib M.A.A. ; Maryana M.N. ; Mohamad M. ; Tan, T.G. ; Ali, A. ; Masri M.N. ; Mohamed, J. J. ; Zakaria S.K. ; Boon, J.G. ; Teo, P.T. 
132023Recent Advances in Enzyme Immobilisation Strategies: An Overview of Techniques and Composite CarriersMohidem, N. A. ; Mohamad, M. ; Rashid, M. U. ; Norizan, M. N. ; Hamzah, F. ; Mat, H. 
142022Rapid production of carbon steel slag based-structural clay product using dry mixing integrated with uniaxial compaction processZakaria, Siti Koriah ; Yusoff, M. ; Sharif, Nurulakmal Mohd ; Seman, Anasyida Abu ; Taib, Mustaffa Ali Azhar ; Mohamad M. ; Arlina, A. ; Ameran, N ; Kechik, Afiqah Awang ; Teo, P.T. 
15Dec-2023Preliminary Study of Utilizing Coconut Husk Waste as Pore Forming Agent for Clay Based Porous CeramicSifa Aminah Saleh ; Afnan Azzahra Ahmad Kamal ; Arlina Ali ; Mardawani Mohamad ; Mahani Yusoff ; Wei Chen Lum ; Nur Nabilah Shahidan ; Pao Ter Teo 
16Jun-2021Preliminary assessment of recycling Malaysia’s electric arc furnace (EAF) steel slag waste as one of raw materials for geopolymer ceramic productZakaria S.K. ; Rahman N.I.N.A. ; Salleh S.Z. ; Sharif N.M. ; Seman A.A. ; Taib M.A.A. ; Mohamed, J. J. ; Yusoff, M. ; Yusoff A.H. ; Mohamad M. ; Masri M.N. ; A. Ali ; Teo, P.T. 
172020Potential of agricultural waste material (Ananas cosmos) as biosorbent for heavy metal removal in polluted waterYusoff A.H. ; Mohammad R ; Mohamad M. ; Sulaiman A.Z ; Che Zaudin, N. A. ; Rosmadi, N. ; Aqsa, F. ; Yusoff, M. ; Teo, P.T. 
182021Plant extracts as green corrosion inhibitor for ferrous metal alloys: A reviewSiti Zuliana Salleh ; Abdul Hafidz Yusoff ; Siti Koriah Zakaria ; Mustaffa Ali Azhar Taib ; Anasyida Abu Seman ; Muhammad Najmi Mohd Masri ; Mardawani Mohamad ; Sarizam Mamat ; Sharizal Ahmad Sobri ; Arlina Ali ; Teo, Pao Ter 
192021Physical, morphological and mineralogical properties of ceramic brick incorporated with Malaysia’s rice hush ash (Rha) agricultural wasteHamzah A.M. ; Zakaria S.K. ; Salleh S.Z. ; Yusoff A.H. ; Ali, A. ; Mohamad M. ; Masri M.N. ; Sobri, S.A. ; Taib M.A.A. ; Budiman F. ; Teo, P.T. 
20Apr-2022Photoperiod-induced mixotrophic metabolism in Chlorella vulgaris for high biomass and lipid to biodiesel productions using municipal wastewater mediumLeong, WH ; Saman, NAM ; Kiatkittipong, W ; Assabumrungrat, S ; Najdanovic-Visak, V ; Wang, JW ; Khoo, KS ; Lam, MK ; Mohamad M. ; Lim, JW