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Lum Wei Chen
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Lum Wei Chen
Wei Chen Lum
Lum, Wei Chen
Lum, W. C.
Wei Chen, Lum
Chen, Lum Wei
Chen, L.W.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12020Survey of Leaf Fungal Disease on Urban Tree at Taman Putra Perdana, Putrajaya, MalaysiaLum Wei Chen ; Lee Seng Hua ; Tan Li Peng ; Ahmad Said Sajap 
2Aug-2020A review on citric acid as green modifying agent and binder for woodLee S.H. ; Tahir P.M. ; Lum, W. C. ; Peng, T.L. ; Bawon P. ; Park B.-D. ; Al Edrus S.S.O. ; Abdullah U.H. 
3Dec-2023Preliminary Study of Utilizing Coconut Husk Waste as Pore Forming Agent for Clay Based Porous CeramicSifa Aminah Saleh ; Afnan Azzahra Ahmad Kamal ; Arlina Ali ; Mardawani Mohamad ; Mahani Yusoff ; Wei Chen Lum ; Nur Nabilah Shahidan ; Pao Ter Teo 
4Aug-2022Particleboard from Agricultural Biomass and Recycled Wood Waste: A ReviewLee, SH ; Lum, W. C. ; Boon, J.G. ; Kristak, L ; Antov, P ; Pedzik, M ; Rogozinski, T ; Taghiyari, HR ; Lubis, MAR ; Fatriasari, W ; Yadav, SM ; Chotikhun, A. ; Pizzi, A 
52023Manufacturing Study on Different Glue Spread and Press Pressure for Glued Laminated Timber Made from LaranRosli M.A.A. ; Bhkari N.M. ; Zuki M.M. ; Lum Wei Chen ; Azmi A. ; Ahmad Z. ; Purwanto N.B. ; Yam N.W.S. ; Suryoatmono B. 
62023Influence of wax and resin content on the properties of three-layer rubberwood particleboardLee, S. H. ; Lum, W. C. ; Peter, A. ; Ahmet, C. ; Widya, F. ; Aujchariya, C. 
72024Graft copolymer of tannin and polyvinyl alcohol with acrylic acid for the preparation of hydrophobic biodegradable filmXu, X. ; Xu, Y. ; Deng, S. ; Chen, X. ; Essawy, H. ; Lee, S. H. ; Lum, W. C. ; Zhou, X. ; Zhang, J. 
82023Effects of particles moisture and conditioning environment on the formaldehyde emission of urea formaldehyde-bonded particleboardLum Wei Chen ; Lee Seng Hua ; Petar Antov ; Muhammad Adly Rahandi Lubis ; Lubos Kristak ; Dominik Hrusovsky 
92023Depth Effect of Tropical Heavy Hardwood of Kekatong Species Towards EC5 using Weibull’s TheoryPurwanto N.B. ; Bhkari N.M. ; Lum, W. C. ; Ahmad Z ; Azmi A. ; Rosli M.A.A ; Aziz N.F.A. ; Za’ba N.I.L. 
102023Characterization of the Properties of Buluh Madu (Gigantochloaalbociliata)Kasdi, S. A. ; Lee, S. H. ; Tahir, P. M. ; Al-Edrus, S. S. O. ; Al-Edrus, S. ; Al-Edrus, S. A. A. ; Bakar, B. F. A. ; Lum, W. C. ; Zhang, J. 
112024Application of Weibull's Theory to Assess the Depth Effect of Malaysian Tropical Hardwoods According to Eurocode 5Purwanto, N. B. ; Bhkari, N. M. ; Ahmad, Z. ; Hassan, R. ; Chen, L.W. ; Baharin, A. ; Rosli, M. A. A. ; Khokhar, A.