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Noor Azizi Ismail
Ismail, N. A.
Ismail, N.
Ismail, Noor Azizi Bin
Noor A.I.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Apr-2023Why Are Our Academic Institutions Failing?Noor Azizi Ismail 
2May-2023Universities Must Embrace Innovation To Stay RelevantNoor Azizi Ismail 
3May-2023The Surprising Secrets To Building A Great TeamNoor Azizi Ismail 
42022The Role Of Higher Education Institutions In Harmonising Change, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, And Poverty ManagementNoor Azizi Ismail ; Wan Ahmad Amir Zal Wan Ismail 
5Mar-2023Rankings, Reform and ReflectionNoor Azizi Ismail 
62023The moderating role of market turbulance beyond the Covid-19 pandemic and Russia-Ukraine crisis on the relationship between intellectual capital and business sustainabilityAlQershi, N. A. ; Saufi R.A. ; Ismail, N. A. ; Ramayah, T. ; Muhammad, N.M.N. ; Yusoff M.N.H. 
72022Mediating mechanism of customer satisfaction on customer relationship management implementation and customer loyalty among consolidated banksAdeiza A. ; Abdullahi, M. S. ; Abdel Fattah, F. A. M. ; Fawehinmi, O. ; Ismail, N. A. ; Arnaut, M. ; Aigbogun, O. ; Adam, I. S. ; Ehido, A. 
82020Managing Information Quality in B2C Companies: An Empirical Investigation on Halal e-Commerce WebsitesJusop, M. ; Ismail, R.M. ; Ismail, N. A. 
92023I’mpossible Leading ChangeNoor Azizi Ismail 
102022Investigating the link between economic growth, financial development, urbanization, natural resources, human capital, trade openness and ecological footprint: evidence from NigeriaDada J.T. ; Adams A. ; Noor A.I. ; Marina A. 
11May-2023International Accreditation for Business Schools: Is it Worth the Investment?Noor Azizi Ismail 
12May-2023Innovation Lessons From IsraelNoor Azizi Ismail 
132023The Importance and Evaluation of Resilience Leadership Capability In Managing UniversityIsmail, N. A. ; Roselina A.S. ; Permarupan P.Y. ; Azlee, W. A. Wan 
142022Financial development-ecological footprint nexus in Malaysia: the role of institutionsDada, James Temitope ; Adeiza, Adams ; Ismail, N. A. ; Arnaut, Marina 
152020EIE MOHE Guide to ENTREPRENEURSHIP INTEGRATED EDUCATIONMohamed Mustafa Ishak ; Noor Azizi Ismail ; Arham Abdullah ; Roselina Ahmad Saufi ; Nik Maheran Nik Muhammad ; Syed Jamal Abdul Nasir Syed Mohamad ; Mohammad Ismail ; Chandrakantan a/l Subramaniam ; Anis Amira Ab Rahman ; Wan Azlee Wan Abdullah ; Mohammad Firdaus Nizam 
162023Correction to: Investigating the Link between Economic Growth, Financial Development, Urbanisation, Natural Resources, Human Capital, Trade Openness and Ecological Footprint: Evidence from NigeriaJames Temitope Dada ; Adams Adeiza ; Noor Azizi Ismail ; Arnaut Marina