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Adams Adeiza
Adeiza, Adams
Adams A.
Adams Adeiza
Adeiza A.
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I am an Innovation and Entrepreneurship expert, Academic and Serial Entrepreneur. My current research interests span digital trade, economic growth and development, technology entrepreneurship, business model innovation, Franchising and Franchise Business Operations, SME growth, and competition and strategy.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12022Youth Community of Practice: a Policy GuideAdams Adeiza ; Hassana Bello Aliyu 
22022Talent Management Practices on Employee Performance: a Mediating Role of Employee Engagement in Institutions of Higher Learning - a Quantitative AnalysisAbdullahi, Mohammed Sani ; Adeiza, Adams ; Abdelfattah, Fadi ; Fatma, Mobin ; Fawehinmi, Olawole ; Aigbogun, Osaro 
32021Talent Management Practices on Employee Engagement: Empirical Perspective from Institution of Higher LearningAbdullahi M. S. ; Adeiza A. ; Ahmed U. ; Khalid N. ; Gwadabe Z. L. ; Fawehinmi O. 
42021Shadow Economy and Environmental Pollution in West African Countries: The Role of InstitutionsDada J. T. ; Ajide F. M. ; Adeiza A. 
52023On the Shadow Economy-Environmental Sustainability Nexus in Africa: the (Ir) relevance of Financial DevelopmentDada, James Temitope ; Ajide, Folorunsho Monsur ; Arnaut, Marina ; Adams A. 
62022Mediating mechanism of customer satisfaction on customer relationship management implementation and customer loyalty among consolidated banksAdeiza A. ; Abdullahi, M. S. ; Abdel Fattah, F. A. M. ; Fawehinmi, O. ; Ismail, N. A. ; Arnaut, M. ; Aigbogun, O. ; Adam, I. S. ; Ehido, A. 
72023Macroeconomic Effect of Covid-Induced Economic Policy Uncertainty in Nigeria: A DSGE ApproachAdams A. ; Oye, Queen Esther ; Alege, Philip 
82022Investigating the link between economic growth, financial development, urbanization, natural resources, human capital, trade openness and ecological footprint: evidence from NigeriaDada J.T. ; Adams A. ; Noor A.I. ; Marina A. 
92022Informal Economy and Ecological Footprint: the Case of AfricaDada, James Temitope ; Olaniyi, Clement Olalekan ; Ajide, Folorunsho Monsur; ; Adeiza A. ; Arnaut, Marina; 
102022Financial development-ecological footprint nexus in Malaysia: the role of institutionsDada, James Temitope ; Adeiza, Adams ; Ismail, N. A. ; Arnaut, Marina 
112023Employee engagement as a mediating variable on the relationship between employee relation practice and employee performance in a developing economyAbdullahi M.S. ; Raman K. ; Solarin S.A. ; Adeiza A. 
122022Effect of intellectual capital on the business performance of SMEs in MalaysiaKhalique, Muhammad ; Yaacob M.R. ; Rahman, M. K. ; Adeiza, Adams 
132021Curriculum for Startup Design LabAdams Adeiza 
142023Correction to: Investigating the Link between Economic Growth, Financial Development, Urbanisation, Natural Resources, Human Capital, Trade Openness and Ecological Footprint: Evidence from NigeriaJames Temitope Dada ; Adams Adeiza ; Noor Azizi Ismail ; Arnaut Marina 
15Jan-2021Business Environment, Trade, Competitiveness And Product Space Mapping (BETCPSM)Adams Adeiza 
162022Analysing tourists’ intention to revisit Islamic tourism destinationsRahman, M. K. ; Yaacob M.R. ; Khalique M. ; Adeiza A.