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Nur Syafiqah A. Samad
A. Samad, Nur Syafiqah
NSA Samad
AS Nur Syafiqah
ASN Syafiqah
Nur Syafiqah A. Samad
Samad N.S.A.
Samad, NSA
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1Sep-2021Prototype of Biodegradable Packaging Material from Musm Integrating Environmental Element In Maximizing Business Profit: An Application of Hedonic Pricing MethodNur Syafiqah A. Samad ; Siti Fariha Muhamad ; Norzalizah Bahari ; Adi Aizat Yajid ; Mohd Fathi Abu Yaziz 
22023Post-COVID-19 e-learning acceptance and its impact on community college students in Kelantan, Malaysia: A quantitative analysisRahman A.H.A. ; Yaacob M.N. ; Samad N.S.A. ; Mohamad S.R. ; Sabri N.A.A. 
32021Modelling Innovative Teaching as a Driver of Competitive Advantage in Pondok Institution: A Concept PaperAzira Hanani Ab Rahman ; A. Samad, Nur Syafiqah ; Bahari, Norzalizah ; Siti Rohana Mohamad ; Yaacob, Md Nazrun ; Muhamad S.F. 
42022Mobile Commerce Application Moving Towards SustainabilitySamad N.S.A. ; Muhamad S.F. ; Rahman A.H.A. ; Sulaiman C. ; Othman N ; Shaari N F 
52022Measuring Sustainable Performance of Islamic Banks: Integrating the principles of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) and Maqasid Shari’ahSiti Fariha Muhamad ; Fahru Azwa Mohd Zain ; Nur Syafiqah A. Samad ; Azira Hanani Ab Rahman ; Mohd Rushdan Yasoa' 
6Sep-2021Leadership Skills in Family Business–Malaysia Case StudyHasannuddiin Hassan ; Norzalizah Bahari ; Nur Syafiqah A. Samad ; Mohd Ikhwan Aziz ; Suharni Rahmat Aziz 
72023Intention to Use Cashless Financial Transactions Among University StudentsNur Syafiqah A. Samad ; Siti Fariha Muhamad ; Azira Hanani Ab Rahman ; Norzalizah Bahari ; Chindo Sulaiman 
82021Integrating Environmental Element In Maximizing Business Profit: An Application Of Hedonic Pricing MethodNur Syafiqah A. Samad ; Norzalizah Bahari ; Siti Fariha Muhamad ; Adi Aizat Bin Yajid ; Mohd Fathi Bin Abu Yaziz @ Mohamad 
92022Impact of Manufacturing Value Added on Environmental Degradation: empirical evidence from IndiaSulaiman C. ; Abdul-Rahim, A. S. ; Samad N.S.A. ; Muhammad-Jawad, I ; Abidin, N. S. Z ; Shaari, N. F. 
10Sep-2020Impact of Green Building Certificate on Firm’s Financial PerformanceNur Syafiqah A. Samad ; Abdul Samad Abdul-Rahim ; Mohd Johari Mohd Yusof ; Katsuya Tanaka 
112023Fresh evidence on the influence of trading activities on CO2 emissions in developed and developing high CO2 emitting countries: long panel data modellingSulaiman Chindo ; Ng Shing Leng ; A.S. Abdul-Rahim ; Iqbal Muhammad-Jawad ; Nur Syafiqah A. Samad 
122021FKP Postgraduate Research Colloquium Virtual 2021NurHaiza Nordin ; Nurnaddia Nordin ; Rosmaizura Mohd Zain ; Ainon Ramli ; Nur Syafiqah A. Samad ; Nadzirah Mohd Said ; Noormariana Mohd din ; Hazriah Hasan ; Norfazlirda Hairani ; Tan, Wai Hong ; Nurul Izyan Mat Daud 
132021The Factors Influencing the Usage of Mobile Commerce among Rural Entrepreneurs in Peninsular MalaysiaSamad N.S.A. ; Abdullah, F. A. ; Yaziz M.F.A ; Bahari N. 
14May-2021Factors influencing the public park use in Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaSamad N.S.A. ; Abdul-Rahim A.S. ; Afandi S.H.M. ; Mohd Johari M.Y. 
152023Factors Influencing the Preference of Customers Toward Using the Products and Services of Islamic Banking in MalaysiaNoorita Binti Jaafar ; Nor Hanan Binti Mohd Azlan ; Nor Sahira Binti Ismail ; Nor Salsabila Binti Mat Saluwi ; Nur Syafiqah A. Samad 
16Jun-2021Factors Influencing Customer Satisfaction in Online ShoppingNorzalizah Bahari ; Nur Syafiqah A. Samad ; Mohd Fathi Abu Yaziz ; Muhammad Naqib Mat Yunoh ; Nur Amalis Rosli 
172023Entrepreneur’s Personality Traits and Firm Performance of Malaysian Smes: Mediated by Market OrientationBahari N. ; Saufi R.A. ; Zainol, N.R. ; Samad N.S.A. ; Yaziz M.F.A 
18Sep-2022E-Learning and Sustainability of Pondok Schools: A Case Study on Post-COVID-19 E-Learning Implementation among Students of Pondok Sungai Durian, Kelantan, MalaysiaAb Rahman, AH ; Samad, NSA ; Abdullah, A. ; Yasoa', M.R. ; Muhamad, SF ; Bahari N. ; Mohamad S.R. 
19Jun-2021The Development of Maqasid Shariah-based Performance Measurement of Islamic Banks: A ReviewSiti Fariha Muhamad ; Mohd Rushdan Yasoa' ; Nur Syafiqah A. Samad ; Nadzirah Mohd Said ; Siti Afiqah Zainuddin ; Tahirah Abdullah ; Noorul Azwin Md Nasir ; Mohd Nor Hakimin Yusoff 
20Jun-2021The Determinants and Interest on Mobile Commerce Adoption among East Coast Entrepreneurs in MalaysiaNur Syafiqah A. Samad ; Azira Hanani Ab Rahman ; Hassan Hasannuddin ; Mohd Fathi Abu Yaziz ; Siti Fariha Muhamad