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Mohd Zaimmudin Mohd Zain
Mohd Zaimmudin Mohd Zain
Zain M.Z.M.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Jul-2021Western and Islamic wear: How fashion bloggers influence the Malay fashion consumers’ purchasing decision in reconciling the collisionZain M.Z.M. ; Hassan H. ; Azizan, A. T. ; Hasbullah S.W. ; Zain, RM ; Ramli, A. 
22022Web 2.0 as an Online Fun Learning Tools for Heritage Studies During Pandemic: Coercion or Consent?S Sukri ; Radzuan, AW ; Nordiana. AJ ; Apandi S.N.A. ; Abdul Latef, Azlin Sharina ; Zain M.Z.M. ; Hasbullah, S.W ; HY Hapiz 
32024A trip down memory lane: Sustaining collective memory through old shophouses in Jalan Mendaling Kajang, SelangorS Sukri ; Sukhairy N.E.N. ; Radzuan, AW ; Jabar N.A. ; Hasbullah, S.W ; Zain M.Z.M. ; Hapiz, H. Y. ; Latef, A. S. A. ; Ibrahim, Y. 
42023Sustainability Awareness on Fashion Brands: The Perception of Young Malaysian ConsumersZain M.Z.M. ; Hassan H. ; Amri N.H.Z. ; Drahman M.H. ; Hasbullah, S. W. ; Nurulahda S. ; Jamaludin N.S.A ; Mohd Zain, R ; Ramli, A. ; H Hapiz 
52023Shibori Workshop As A mean To Empower People With Psychological Disorders At Bachok, KelantanAmri N.H.Z. ; Zain M.Z.M. ; Hasbullah, S. W. ; Hassan H. ; Nurulahda S. ; Drahman M.H. ; Jamaludin N.S.A ; Wardhani, A. K. ; Sulaiman, V. A. 
62021Muslim Celebrities‘ Preaching on Social Media and its Impact on Young Muslim Fashion ConsumersMohd Zaimmudin Mohd Zain ; Sarah Wahida Hasbullah ; Suraya Sukri ; Hapiz, Hana Yazmeen ; Ainul Wahida Radzuan ; Abdul Latef, Azlin Sharina ; Rosmaizura Mohd Zain ; Ainon Ramli 
72022Inspirasi Elemen Moden Terhadap Baju Kurung Riau: Analisis FungsiNurulahda Sulaiman ; Rohaiza Abdul Rahman ; Siti Nur Anis Muhammad Apandi ; Farrah Atikah Saari ; Mohd Zaimmudin Mohd Zain ; Sarah Wahida Hasbullah ; Norhasliyana Hazlin Zainal Amri 
82024The impacts of the project runway reality television series on Muslim fashion consumersZain M.Z.M. ; Hassan H. ; Amri N.H.Z. ; Drahman M.H. ; Hasbullah, S.W ; Nurulahda S. ; Jamaludin N.S.A ; Zain, RM ; Ramli, A. 
9Jul-2021The identity of Kelantan peranakan Chinese through clothing: An aesthetic morphology approachHanisa, H. ; Abdillah, N. ; Zain M.Z.M. ; Apandi S.N.A. ; Muhammad, N.M.N. 
102024The Hijrah Muslim celebrities’ influences towards young Muslim fashion consumersZain M.Z.M. ; Zain, RM ; Ramli, A. ; Hapiz, H. Y. ; Hasbullah, S.W ; S. Sukri ; Radzuan, AW ; Latef, A. S. A. ; Tharazi, M. I. 
112021Get2Gether: The Web-App that can works without the InternetAbdul Latef, Azlin Sharina ; Muhammad, Nuzul Haqimi ; Hana Yazmeen Hapiz ; Hasbullah, Sarah Wahida ; Mohd Zaimmudin Mohd Zain 
122024Fashion Sustainability: The Practices Among Fashion Students During the COVID-19Zain M.Z.M. ; Hassan H. ; Jamaludin N.S.A 
132023Evaluation and prioritisation of GSCM barriers in food and beverage SMEs using the AHPZain, RM ; Ramli, A. ; Zain M.Z.M. ; Abdul Rahim, M.N ; Musa, A. 
142021Environmental Factors and Academic Performance: The Mediating Effect of Quality of LifeAinon Ramli ; Rosmaizura Mohd Zain ; Mohd Zaimmudin Mohd Zain ; Anis Amira Ab Rahman 
15Apr-2021Distance Education: The Challenges and Effects of The Covid-19 Pandemic Among Fashion Students in MalaysiaMohd Zaimmudin Mohd Zain ; Rosmaizura Mohd Zain ; Hanisa Hassan ; Norhasliyana Hazlin Zainal Amri ; Mohd Hafiz Drahman ; Sarah Wahida Hasbullah ; Ainon @ Jamilah Ramli 
162023Bibliometric analysis of maritime tourism researchMahendrran Selvaduray ; Yapa Mahinda Bandara ; Rosmaizura Mohd Zain ; Ainon Ramli ; Mohd Zaimmudin Mohd Zain