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Title: Muslim Celebrities‘ Preaching on Social Media and its Impact on Young Muslim Fashion Consumers
Authors: Mohd Zaimmudin Mohd Zain 
Sarah Wahida Hasbullah 
Suraya Sukri 
Hapiz, Hana Yazmeen 
Ainul Wahida Radzuan 
Abdul Latef, Azlin Sharina 
Rosmaizura Mohd Zain 
Ainon Ramli 
Keywords: Muslim Celebrities;Preaching;Social Media;Muslim Mentors
Issue Date: 2021
Journal: PalArch's Journal of Archaeology of Egypt/ Egyptology 
Current young Muslims are looking for fashion style ideas, but they need to stick to the restrictions outlined by religion and culture. Nowadays, young Muslims can look for fashion style ideas via social media, for example, by viewing their favourite celebrities‘ styles on social media accounts. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to explore Muslim celebrities‘ preaching on social media and its impact on young Muslim fashion consumers by conducting semi-structured interviews with 20 respondents who are young Muslims and follow
celebrities on social media. The findings indicate that the current fashion style for young Muslim fashion consumers is evolving. Furthermore, this study demonstrates that social media is one of the most effective ways to spread reminders of the teachings of Islam (da‘wah). In addition, this study expands the literature on the role of celebrities, arguing that Muslim celebrities not only act as fashion references for Muslim fashion consumers, but also inspire their spiritual strength, simultaneously becoming Muslim mentors.
ISBN: 1567214X
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