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Nazatul Syima Mohd Nasir
Mohd Nasir N.S.
Nazatul Syima Mohd Nasir
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
124-Sep-2020Writing and FeedbackMOHD NASIR, NAZATUL SYIMA 
2Nov-2021Virtual Classroom: A Meaningful Learner-Instructor RelationshipNik Nur Athirah Nik Mohd Arif ; Nor Hazwani Munirah Lateh ; Nurul Ain Alizuddin ; Mohd Nasir N.S. 
321-Sep-2020Using Appy Pie Platform/App in Developing Mobile Application to Teach English Courses for Undergraduate Students in MalaysiaMOHD NASIR, NAZATUL SYIMA ; Amaal Fadhlini Mohamed ; Baharuddin, Khairul Hisyam ; Fairuz Rusdi 
42021The Use of Study Apps in Improving Study Habits Among Undergraduate StudentsKhairul Hisyam Baharuddin ; Mohd Nasir N.S. ; Nor Hazwani Munirah Lateh 
521-Sep-2020The Use of Classic Interactive Dolls in English as a Second Language ClassAmaal Fadhlini Mohamed ; MOHD NASIR, NAZATUL SYIMA ; Hassan, Ariezal Afzan ; Najihah Mahmud 
62023The Use of An Educational App to Teach English CoursesNazatul Syima Mohd Nasir ; Khairul Hisyam Baharuddin ; Siti Amirah Ahmad Tarmizi ; Ariezal Afzan Hassan ; Nor Hazwani Munirah Lateh 
8Dec-2020Teaching Language in the Era of IR 4.0MOHD NASIR, NAZATUL SYIMA ; Amaal Fadhlini Mohamed 
9Jan-2022A Socio-Cognitive Perspective on the Factors Affecting Malaysian Business Students’ Learning when Spoken in English in a Second-Language ClassroomSiti Amirah Ahmad Tarmizi ; Mahmud N. ; Mohamed, Amaal Fadhlini ; Hassan, Ariezal Afzan ; Mohd Nasir N.S. ; Nor Hazwani Munirah Lateh 
102022Self-Reliance, Simple Living, and Happiness in the Man Who Quit MoneyKhairul Hisyam Baharuddin ; Nazatul Syima Mohd Nasir ; Fairuz A’dilah Rusdi 
112024Mystical Elements in the Novels of Marah RusliAlexander Stark ; Khairul Hisyam Baharuddin ; Ariezal Afzan Hassan ; Nazatul Syima Mohd Nasir 
122021Mobile Application Development to Teach English Proficiency CoursesMohd Nasir N.S. ; Nor Hazwani Munirah Lateh ; Khairul Hisyam Baharuddin ; Amal Fadhlini Mohammed 
13Nov-2021Malaysian Public University Lecturers’ Motivations For Doctoral StudyMohd Nasir N.S. ; Nor Hazwani Munirah Lateh ; Amaal Fadhlini Mohamed ; Khairul Hisyam Baharuddin ; Fairuz A’dilah Rusdi ; Nik Nur Athirah Nik Mohd Arif 
142023Living Simply and Living Off Grid in Mark Sundeen’s the UnsettlersKhairul Hisyam Baharuddin ; Nazatul Syima Mohd Nasir ; Alexander Stark 
152021Learners’ collocation use in writing: Do proficiency levels matter?Lateh N.H.M. ; Shamsudin S. ; Raof A.H.A. ; Mohamed A.F. ; Mahmud N. ; Mohd Nasir N.S. ; Nurul Fatihah 
16Jun-2021Exploring Young ESL Learners’ Narrative Writing Performance: Implications for Teachers and LearnersMarzaizah Che Awang ; LATEH, NOR HAZWANI MUNIRAH ; Najihah Mahmud ; MOHD NASIR, NAZATUL SYIMA 
17Nov-2021Exploring Users’ Awareness And Use Of English Collocations In Everyday CommunicationNor Hazwani Munirah Lateh ; Nik Nur Athirah Nik Mohd Arif ; Mohd Nasir N.S. ; Amaal Fadhlini Mohamed ; Fairuz A’dilah Rusdi ; Khairul Hisyam Baharuddin 
18Nov-2021An Examination Of Job Burnout And Turnover Intention In Malaysian University Academics’: Effects Of Affective CommitmentFairuz A’dilah Rusdi ; Mohd Nasir N.S. ; Khairul Hisyam Baharuddin ; Nor Hazwani Munirah Lateh 
192023Enhancing Academic Essay Writing through the Effective Use of ChecklistKhairul Hisyam Baharuddin ; Nazatul Syima Mohd Nasir ; Alexander Stark 
2020-Sep-2021The Engagement Of Classic Interactive Dolls In Esl Online Class For PdprAmaal Fadhlini Mohamed ; Mohd Nasir N.S. ; Ariezal Afzan Hassan ; Wan Suzanna Aafanii Adeeba Wan Hassan