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Full Name
Nik Zulkarnaen Khidzir
NZ Khidzir
Nik Zulkarnaen Khidzir
Khidzir N.Z.
Main Affiliation
Assoc. Prof. Ts. Dr. Nik Zulkarnaen Khidzir, Certified MBOT Professional Technologist; Associate Professor Faculty of Creative Technology and Heritage. His research interests are Advanced Method for Educational Technology, Multimedia & Visual Communication Interaction in Islamic Perspectives, Software Engineering, Cybersecurity Risks, Information Security Risk Management, Entrepreneurial Leadership, Business and Education Computing/e-commerce & Creative Computing related project. As an scholars in his field, he active deliver keynote speech in international conferences globally and prolific journal chief editor, reviewer local and international. Pertaining his research interest and contribution to the body of knowledge, he has published various articles in indexed proceedings and high impact journals. He is a member of the IACSIT, IEEE and PECAMP. He received various recognition and awards in research & innovation competition at national and international level. He is also recognized by Ministry of Education Malaysia (MOE) as one of the top 2018 Outstanding Entrepreneurship Mentor Malaysia.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12022Wau Animation Studio: The Mastermind Behind ‘Ejen Ali The Movie's' RM 30 Million Box Office HaulNik Zulkarnaen Khidzir ; Khairul Azhar Mat Daud ; Sharulnizam Ramli 
22020Upin & Ipin : The Tiny Warrior of the Decade : The Concern of Its Sustainability in the Creative IndustryNik Zulkarnaen Khidzir ; Muhamad Saufi Che Rusuli ; Sharulnizam Ramli ; Khairul Azhar Mat Daud 
3Jul-2023UMK International at Glimpse (EDITION 3)Ng Siew Foen ; Nik Zulkarnaen Khidzir ; Nurul Akmar Che Zaudin ; Mohammed Aurifullah ; Kanit Sripaoraya ; Chua Hui Wen ; Kho Siew Leen ; Ahmad Aiman Ahmad Nazim ; Tuan Nor Azma Tuan Hussain ; Hor Jie Ann ; Nurairfani Bustamam 
42019Towards the Big Data and Digital Evidences IntegrityShekh Abdullah-Al-Musa Ahmed ; NZ Khidzir ; Tan, Tse Guan 
5Oct-2021Sub Modul: The Fourth Industrial Revolution (IR4.0)Tan, Tse Guan ; Muhammad Akmal bin Remli ; Khairul Nizar Syazwan bin Wan Salihin Wong ; Nurul Izrin Md Saleh ; Hadhrami Ab Ghani ; Nik Zulkarnaen Khidzir 
62021Social Innovator Talent Development Innovative Framework Certified Social Entrepreneurial Innovator Programwan mohd nadzrol bin wan mohd nasir ; Nik Zulkarnaen Khidzir ; Vijaya Kumaran, Jayaraj ; Nik Maheran Nik Muhammad ; IZHARRULLAIL ; Siti Aishah Attaullah 
7Jul-2021Social Engineering (SoE) Attacks Towards Network Security in Higher Learning Institute: The Partial Least Squares Path Modeling ApproachKhidzir N.Z. ; Shekh Abdullah-Al-Musa Ahmed ; Tan, T.G. ; Daud, K.A.M. 
82017A Review on the Application of Augmented Reality in EducationTenh, H. K ; Tan, T.G. ; Yusof, A.M. ; Khidzir N.Z. ; Chin, K. O. 
92023A Preliminary Study of the Local Community’s Concerns the State of Pahang Old MosquesFarrah Atikah Saari ; Izati Nabila Marzuki ; Norlaila Mat Yusof ; Sahrudin Mohamed Som ; Ayub Awang ; Nik Zulkarnaen Khidzir 
102021The Planned Requirements for a Distributed, Systematic Citizen-Centred Design, Intelligent Health Management System Post COVID-19 Pandemic for a Developing CountryShamsul Arrieya Ariffin ; Faiz Daud ; Hasimi Sallehuddin ; Shukor Sanim Mohd Fauzi ; Muh Anshar ; Nik Zulkarnaen Khidzir 
112023Perceptions of the Stakeholders onWork Readiness Among Graduates from Higher Education Institutions in MalaysiaDaud, K.A.M. ; Bhattacharyya, E ; Khidzir N.Z. ; Balakrishnan A/L Parasuraman ; Savita, KS ; Rao, PV ; Kumaran, J. V. ; Hassan, NMSN ; Azman, Z 
122020MULTI – DIMENSIONAL TEACHING & LEARNING INNOVATIVE APPROACH FOR SOCIAL ENTERPRENEURSHIP INNOVATION SKILLSAttaullah, Siti Aishah ; Khidzir, Nik Zulkarnaen ; wan mohd nadzrol bin wan mohd nasir ; ZULHAFEEQ ; Nik Maheran Nik Muhammad 
132022A Modified RAES Technique for a Secured Information SecurityHussain, H.S ; Eden Barua ; Nik Zulkarnaen Khidzir ; Cheang Kah Wai ; Ghazali M. F 
1431-Mar-2020Mobile Device Security Issues In Digital Literacy For Higher Learning InstitutionNik Zulkarnaen Khidzir ; SHEKH ABDULLAH AL-MUSA AHMED ; Tan, Tse Guan 
152021Leading Higher Institutions - Leadership Traits, Dreams & AchievementsNik Maheran Nik Muhammad ; Anis Amira Ab Rahman ; Nik Zulkarnaen Khidzir ; Linira Ghazali ; Siti Bahirah Saidi ; Nor Hazwani Munirah Lateh ; Liyana Ahmad Afip ; Ismie Roha Mohamed Jais 
162021The Importance of IDS and IPS in Cloud Computing Environment: Intensive Review and Future DirectionsAws Naser Jaber ; Shahid Anwar ; Nik Zulkarnaen Khidzir ; Mohammed Anbar 
17Jun-2021The Implication of Information System (IS) Success Model on Cloud-Based M-Retail Adoption Intention Among Textile CyberpreneurWan Safra Diyana Wan Abdul Ghani ItemCrisRefDisplayStrategy.rp.deleted.icon; Nik Zulkarnaen Khidzir ; Mohammad Ismail 
182020The Impact of Personal Productivity Due to the Attacks of Corona Virus Disease 2019: Using Partial Least Structural Equation ModelNik Zulkarnaen Khidzir ; Abdullah-Al- Musa ; Shirin Afroz 
192022A Hybrid Approach for a Secured Information Security Using Modified Encryption TechniqueHanizan Shaker ; Syazwani Yahya ; Munaliza Jaimun ; Nik Zulkarnaen Khidzir 
2014-Jun-2021Future Direction of Creative Computing: Education, Research, Innovation and TechnologyNik Zulkarnaen Khidzir