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Palsan Sannasi Abdullah
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Palsan Sannasi Abdullah
Sannasi, P.
Abdullah, P.
Palsan Sannasi
Palsan Sannasi Abdullah
Palsan S.A.
Abdullah, P.S.
SA Palsan
Sannasi Abdullah, Palsan
Sannasi A.P.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12023Young entrepreneurs' participation in tapioca productsZul Ariff, A.L ; Amizi A.M. ; Sannasi A.P. ; Nursalwani M. 
22023Young entrepreneurs participation in halal food products: A conceptual paperNursalwani M. ; Amizi A.M. ; Aweng, E.R. ; Hamzah, Z ; Sannasi A.P. ; Zul Ariff, A.L 
326-Sep-2022Turbidity Reduction of Groundwater by Using Nanomagnetic Adsorbent Composite (NMAC): Process Optimization by 3k Factorial Design and AnalysisAwang H. ; Abdullah N. A. ; Barasarathi J. ; Ling H.Y. ; Wen L.K. ; Nadhirah H. ; Azmin S.N.H.M ; Abdullah, P.S. 
4Nov-2022Towards a Greener Future – Every Little Effort Counts!Gonawan, FN ; Vo, DVN ; Jawad, ZA ; Abdullah, P.S. 
52021Synthesis of magnetic activated carbon treated with sodium dodecyl sulphateAbdullah, P. ; Awang H. ; Barasarathi J. 
62020Synthesis and characterization of active biocarbon material for use in cosmetics and personal care productsPalsan S.A. ; Lim, J.Y. ; Nor Asfaliza, A. 
72021Stability analysis of carrot-based natural moisturising lip balmAzmin S.N.H.M ; Sulaiman N.S. ; Yosri N.A. ; Mat Nor M.S. ; Abdullah, P. 
8Sep-2020Sensory Evaluation of Appearance and Texture of Carrot Lip Balms Containing Virgin Coconut OilMohammad Azmin S.N.H. ; Yosri, N.A. ; Sulaiman N.S. ; Mat Nor, M.S. ; Abdullah, P.S. 
9Jul-2021Rhodamine 6g removal from aqueous solution with coconut shell-derived nanomagnetic adsorbent composite (Cs-nmac): Isotherm and kinetic studiesAbdullah, P.S ; Wen, LK ; Awang, H ; Azmin S.N.H.M 
102022A Review on Recent Advances on Natural Plant Pigments in Foods: Functions, Extraction, Importance and ChallengesAzmin S.N.H.M ; Sulaiman, N. S. ; Mat Nor, M. S. ItemCrisRefDisplayStrategy.rp.deleted.icon; Abdullah, P. ; Kari, Z.A. ; Pati, S. 
11Jul-2020Remazol Brilliant Blue R removal from effluent by using coconut shell derived nanomagnetic biocarbon compositeSannasi Abdullah, Palsan ; Ho, Y.L. ; Jayanthi, B. 
122022Raw Water Treatment from Selected Areas in Kelantan Using Coconut Shell Derived Nanomagnetic Adsorbent Composite (CS-NMAC)Awang, Huda ; Abdullah, P.S. ; Wen, Lim Kai ; Ling, Ho Yoon ; Barasarathi, Jayanthi ; Azmin S.N.H.M 
132022Processing and Characterization of Bioplastic Film Fabricated from a hybrid of Cocoa Pod Husk and Kenaf for the Application in Food IndustriesAzmin S.N.H.M ; Sharif, N. S. E. M. ; Mat Nor, M. S. ; Abdullah, P.S. ; Iwansyah, A. C. 
142023A preliminary study on intraparticle diffusion of turbidity through nanomagnetic biocarbon composite (NBC)Sannasi, P. ; Awang, H. 
15Sep-2020A preliminary study of local behaviour, perceptions and willingness to pay towards better water quality in Pasir Mas, Tanah Merah, and Jeli, MalaysiaSannasi Abdullah, Palsan ; Huda Awang ; Abdul Latiff Z.A. 
1622-Sep-2020A Preliminary Study of Local Behaviour, Perceptions and Willingness to Pay towards Better Water Quality in Pasir Mas, Tanah Merah, and Jeli, MalaysiaAwang H. ; Abdullah, P.S. ; Abdul Latiff Z.A. 
182023Phytochemical Screening and Chemical Analysis of Freeze-dried Lawsonia inermis Leaves ExtractSiti Nuurul Huda Mohammad Azmin ; Nur Farahani Abdul Rahman ; Mohd Shukri Mat Nor ; Palsan Sannasi Abdullah ; Ch'Ng Huck Ywih ; Tengku Halimatun Sa’adiah T Abu Bakar 
19Jul-2021Optimization of Rhodamine 6G removal from aqueous solution using Box-Behnken designHuda A. ; Lim K.W. ; Jayanthi B. ; Palsan S.A. ; Azmin S.N.H.M ; Leony T.Y.S. ; Ariff A.L.Z ; Amizi A.M. 
202022Optimization of formulation conditions for peel-off face mask from banana peels and mulberry leaves extracts using response surface methodologyAzmin S.N.H.M ; Saidin Y.N.I. ; Nor M.S.M. ; Palsan S.A. ; Ywih, C.H.