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Title: Case Study Microeconomics
Authors: NurHaiza Nordin 
Nurnaddia Nordin 
Nik Madeeha Nik Mohd Munir 
Nik Noorhazila Nik Mud 
Nor Asma Ahmad 
Mohd Safwan Ghazali 
Nurul Azwa Mohamad Khadri 
Nur Syafiqah A. Samad 
Keywords: microeconomics
Issue Date: 2023
Publisher: Faculty of Entrepreneurship and Business
Case study microeconomics was created to provide the learners with the syllabus of basic macroeconomics. Hence this case study serves as a useful exercise for student to understand about the concept, theory and calculation in microeconomics. This case study aims to make the learning macroeconomics interesting, easy and applicable to daily life. It presents the contents in a simple way to student. It applies the concept and theories economics to the students using engaging examples. In studying economics, we truly believe in the importance of understanding and applying the concept acquired rather than memorizing and regurgitating facts. We hope you will enjoy this book.
ISBN: 978-962-25774-9-2
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