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Title: The Entrepreneurial Intention on New Venture Creation at Entrepreneurial-Based University
Authors: Nur Ain Ayunni Sabri 
Norhidayah Mat Arip 
Nurul Izyan Mat Daud 
Fatihah Mohd 
Keywords: Entrepreneurial Education;Mentoring Support;Financial Support
Issue Date: 2023
Publisher: Penerbit UMK
Journal: Journal of Entrepreneurship and Business 
The university context in which students exist plays a central role in providing students with learning and motivation to think and act entrepreneurially. A vibrant research stream has shown that university offerings affect students' transition to an entrepreneurial career and on antecedents or enablers of entry, such as entrepreneurial intentions and entrepreneurial knowledge. Students' proclivity to begin a venture may be affected by the university environment where they are exposed to entrepreneurshipand perceptions of how desirable entrepreneurial behaviour is in a given society. The paper explores the drivers of the intention of entrepreneur students in UMK of new venture creation, particularly specialising in the role of university entrepreneurship-related offerings and students' prior business experience. The main objective of this study is to determine the relationship between the university's contribution to entrepreneurial education, mentoring support, and financial support towards new venture creation. We obtained a complete set of 346 questionnaires. Data analysis was done using SPSS tools containing Preliminary Analysis, Descriptive Analysis, Reliability and Validity Test, Normality Test and Spearman Correlation Analysis. The result shows a significant correlation between entrepreneurial education, mentoring, and financial support for new venture creation. In conclusion, entrepreneurship courses can be elective and compulsory and aim to stimulate entrepreneurial learning by imparting knowledge,skills and attitudes related to entrepreneurship.
ISSN: 2289-8298
DOI: 10.17687/jeb.v11i1.918
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