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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12023The understanding of construction players towards the implementation of knowledge management in conservation contractor companiesAbdullah S. ; Ismail S. ; Daud, K.A.M. 
2Sep-2021Potential of oil palm trunk starch as flocculant for contaminant of emerging compound removalMohamad Faiz Mohd Amin ; Rasat M.S.M. ; Ahmad M I ; Aftar Ali M. S. ; Muda K. ; Zaidi N. S. ; Ismail S. ; Mohamad Shahimin M. F. ; Mohd Amin M. A. ; Salam M. A. 
32023A mini review and bibliometric analysis of palm oil mill effluent in past five yearsPauzi F. M. ; Muda K. ; Basri H.F. ; Omoregie A.I. ; Hong C.Y. ; Aftar Ali N.S. ; Najib M.Z. M. ; Amin M.F.M. ; Ismail S. ; Shahimin M.F. M. ; Dahalan F.A. 
4Jun-2021A Guidelines for Controlled Experimental Design to Evaluate the Metrics of Software Component ReusabilityMohd F. ; Ismail S. ; Jalil M.M.A. ; Zulkarnain F.I.N.M. ; Zamin N.