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Mohamad, D.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12023Utilizing Makerspace and D.I.Y Websites for Creative 55 Contents Creation and SharingAzmul Fadhli Kamaruzaman ; Mohd Yusri bin Naser ; Hana Yazmeen Hapiz ; Darliana Mohamad ; Nooraziah Ahmad ; Mohd Firdaus Mahamad Ali 
22022Understanding Knowledge Level of The Thermal Implication and Its Effects Towards Physiological State in Construction SectorIsmail A.R. ; Makhtar N.K. ; Zein R.M. ; Khamis N.K. ; Mohamad, D. 
3Dec-2021Sub Modul: Penulisan Maklumat KursusAnuar Mohd Yusof ; Norzalizah Bahari ; Suhaila Abdul Kadir ; Nordiana Ab Jabar ; Suraya Sukri ; Mohammad Syukran Kamalruzzaman ; Darliana Mohamad ; Suraya Md Nasir ; Hana Yazmeen Hapiz ; Wan Ab Aziz Wan Daud 
42023Study on the Dilemma and Countermeasures of Rural Revitalization in Deeply Poor Mountainous Areas of ChinaBin, L ; Ahmad, N ; Mohamad, D. 
52020Muscle contraction during maneuvering steering wheel using surface electromyograpyhyDarliana M. ; Baba M.D. ; Dian D.I.D. ; Ahmad R.I. 
6Mar-2021Mechanism and factors influence of graphene-based nanomaterials antimicrobial activities and application in dentistryRadhi, A. ; Mohamad, D. ; Rahman, FSA ; Abdullah, AM ; Hasan, H 
7Aug-2023Isu Ergonomik Ketika Mencanting BatikDian Darina Indah Daruis ; Darliana Mohamad ; Kamaliana Khamis 
8Jul-2021Influence of rehal design on user comfortAhmad, Nooraziah ; Ghoni E.F.M. ; Mohamad, D. ; Harun M. H. ; Naser M.Y.M. ; Jaafar, J. ; Abdullah M.E.Z. ; Sukri S.N.D. ; Yusoff A.M. 
9Jul-2021Implications of Covid-19 outbreak spread on small traders in Bachok District, KelantanMohamad, D. ; Rashid A.N.A. ; Ahmad, Nooraziah ; Abdullah M.E.Z. ; Sukri S.N.D. ; Jaafar, J. ; Harun M. H. ; Naser M.Y.M. 
10Mar-2021Implication of human skin temperature under high humidity to the construction workers' by using computational thermal simulationIsmail, A. R. ; Jusoh N. ; Makhtar N.K. ; Zein R.M. ; Rahman I.A. ; Khamis N.K. ; Mohamad, D. 
11Sep-2021Flux: A Modular 3d Printed Furniture Joinery SystemAbdullah M.E.Z. ; Nor Hamizah Abdul Hamid ; Jafrulhizam Jaafar ; Mohd Hilmi Harun ; Siti Nurul Diana Sukri ; Mohd Firuz Mohd Anwar ; Darliana Mohamad ; Nooraziah Ahmad 
12Sep-2020The factor affecting heat stress in industrial workers exposed to extreme heat: A case study of methodologyIsmail, Ahmad Rasdan ; Jusoh, N. ; Amin Mahd Asri, M. ; Md Zein, R. ; Abdul Rahman, I. ; Kamilah Makhtar, N. ; Mohamad, D. 
13Mar-2021Experimental investigations and computational thermal simulation on human thermal comfort during performing office tasksIsmail, A. R. ; Jusoh N. ; Makhtar N.K. ; Zein R.M. ; Rahman I.A. ; Che Hassan N.H. ; Mohamad, D. 
142023Ergonomics in Small Home-Based Industries: Batik Making in MalaysiaDaruis D.D.I. ; Mohamad, D. ; Khamis N.K. 
152020Ergonomic engineering intervention of batik stamping work to reduce lifting loadDarliana M. ; Hanisa, H. ; Fadhli K.A. ; Nurulahda Sulaiman ; Indah D.D.D. 
162022The Effect of Thermal Towards Human Perception of Malaysian Construction Workers Through Structural Equation Modelling (SEM)Ismail, A. R. ; Makhtar N.K. ; Md Zein R. ; Mat Noor M. ; Hamid, H ; Che Hassan N.H. ; Mohamad, D. ; Khamis N.K. 
172023Development of Regression Model Between Driving Comfort Perception and Muscle ContractionMohamad, D. ; Deros B.M. ; Daruis D.D.I. ; Ismail A.R. 
18Sep-2021Development of Posture Corrector Device While Sitting for Discomfort Problems Among Office WorkersDarliana Mohamad ; Azmul Fadhli Kamaruzaman ; Nooraziah Ahmad ; Hana Yazmeen Hapiz ; Mohd Yusri bin Naser