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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Mar-2020Sugar profile and enzymatic analysis of stingless bee honey collected from local market in MalaysiaJulika W.N. ; Ajit A., ; Ismail N. ; Aqilah N. ; Naila A. ; Sulaiman A.Z 
22023The State of the Art of Natural Polymer Functionalized Fe3O4 Magnetic Nanoparticle Composites for Drug Delivery Applications: A ReviewNordin A.H. ; Ahmad Z. ; Husna S.M.N. ; Ilyas R.A. ; Azemi A.K. ; Ismail N. ; Nordin, M. L. ; Ngadi N. ; Siti N.H. ; Nabgan W. ; Norfarhana A.S. ; Azami M.S.M. 
32023Natural Polymeric Composites Derived from Animals, Plants, and Microbes for Vaccine Delivery and Adjuvant Applications: A ReviewNordin A.H. ; Husna S.M.N. ; Ahmad Z. ; Nordin, M. L. ; Ilyas R.A. ; Azemi A.K. ; Ismail N. ; Siti N.H. ; Ngadi N. ; Azami M.S.M. ; Mohamad Norpi A.S. ; Reduan M.F.H. ; Osman A.Y. ; Pratama D.A.O.A. ; Nabgan W. ; Shaari, R. 
427-Dec-2020The mediating effect of representativeness heuristic on neurofinance and sme's financial decision makingIsmail N. ; Muhammad, N.M.N. ; Wan Husin W.Z. ; Ab Halim A.I. 
52020Integration of field mapping, lineament interpretation and electrical resistivity tomography survey to characterize granitic rock mass lining by shotcrete [Integrasi pemetaan lapangan, tafsiran lineamen dan survei tomografi keberintangan geoelektrik dalam pencirian jasad batuan granit terlindung shotcrete]Hussin, H. ; Arifin M.H. ; Jamaluddin T.A. ; Ghani M.F.A. ; Ismail N. ; Abdullah A.M. 
62021The development of penang shop price index (pspi) using laspeyres hedonic price modelJamaludin, M. H. ; Ismail, S. ; Ismail N. 
72023Canine mammary carcinoma: Current therapeutic targets and future perspectives - A reviewNordin, M. L. ; Azemi A.K. ; Ismail N. ; Nordin A.H. ; Nabgan W. ; Noralidin N.A. ; Shaari, R. ; Rajdi N.Z.I.M. ; Reduan, M.F.H ; Siti H.N. ; Rasool A.H.G. ; Ibrahim N.N.I.N.