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Title: A Review of Current Cultural Jewellery Trend
Authors: Li Mei 
Ahmad, N 
Keywords: apsaras art;cultural;dunhuang
Issue Date: 2023
Publisher: ALUMNI IN
Journal: Journal of Law and Sustainable Development 
Purpose: The emergence of the cultural-based creative industry is particularly becoming an important strategy for preserving the national culture and heritage communicated by significant works of art. Theoretical framework: The study established that cultural significance, design innovation, market growth, financial success, young consumer preferences, and symbolism are all major trends observed in the jewellery market. Method: From the perspective of Dunhuang art, this paper aimed to review the current cultural trends in the Chinese jewellery market. It involved conducting a secondary data analysis of qualitative sources related to Dunhuang art. Investigated how contemporary jewellery designers are inspired by traditional rock art design and other cultural works of art to come up with new designs. Results and Conclusions: These findings suggest that jewellery companies and designers should focus on incorporating cultural elements into their designs to capitalize on the growing demand for art-inspired jewellery. These findings are related to previous research by Lucas. Research implications: This study also provides insights into how jewellery designers can leverage cultural elements to attract consumers and increase the market base for both fashion brands and artists. Originality/value: This highlights the importance of marketing and targeting efforts towards younger consumers and creating products that cater to their preferences and values.
ISSN: 27644170
DOI: 10.55908/sdgs.v11i5.839
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