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Title: The Uniqueness of The Storytelling Styles in Tri-V AGI Poetry
Authors: Mohd Saipuddin Suliman 
Lim Ying Xuan 
Nordiana Ab Jabar 
Suraya Sukri 
Ainul Wahida Radzuan 
Keywords: Storytelling styles;Concrete poetry;Tri-V AGI.
Issue Date: 2023
Publisher: Faculty of Creative Technology and Heritage
Conference: International Academic Forum on Creative Contents 
This paper discusses the uniqueness of the storytelling styles in the concrete poetry of Tri-V (verbal-vocal-visual) pioneered by Abdul Ghafar Ibrahim (AGI) based on the writing and presentation aspects. Verbal involves the linguistic aspect of poetry, vocal covers the sound aspect of poetry and visual goes through the image/theatrical aspect of poetry. This study applied content analysis method as well as the technique of close reading which are compatible with the method of data collection and analysis based on the text studied, namely the poem "Tan Sri Bulan" as well as several other past studies. The findings of the studies revealed that the storytelling styles in the concrete poetry of Tri-V AGI violates conventional rules, which is uniquely different from other poets. AGI creates a distinctive storytelling style and makes his poetry not only unique but also free to be appreciated without any word order rules, linguistic principles and delivery techniques. This innovation should be appreciated and exemplified by other poets. It is hoped that this paper will serve as a reference for other researchers, critics, and students of the literary stream who wish to understand the uniqueness
ISBN: 978-629-489-004-6
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