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Title: Pemberdayaan Produk Warisan : Interaksionisme Antara Jenis Padi Dalam Pantun dan Masyarakat Melayu
Authors: Nordiana Ab Jabar 
Daeng Haliza Daeng Jamal 
Siti Nur Anis Muhammad Apandi 
Sudirman Kiffli 
Keywords: Poetry;Rice;Nature;Interactionism
Issue Date: 2023
Publisher: UMK Press
Journal: International Journal of Creative Future and Heritage (TENIAT) 
Pantun is a culturally significant literary artifact that is of great value to the community. Poetry, according to UNESCO, is not only an instrument of social communication but also a source of cultural and religious values that serve as guidelines for forming a society's moral values. In general, the admonitions and messages conveyed by the verses emphasize the equilibrium and harmony of human relationships. Wisdom and philosophical thought of the Malay community in researching natural elements and mengenterpretasikan to produce a beautiful expression of traditional Malay poetry. This paper traces aspects of the interaction between the rice varieties in the poem and the Malay community. In addition, this study employs Michael Riffaterre's Semiotics of Poetry theory (1978). Poetry collections from the Raya gifts jewel text are analyzed to examine the relationship between the type of rice and the community. Various kinds of paddy were identified and analyzed after collecting verses containing the lexical term 'paddy.
ISSN: 2289-4527
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