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Title: Engkaulah Adiwiraku Sebagai Saluran Informasi COVID-19 Berdasarkan Model Komunikasi SCMR Berlo
Authors: Rohayati Junaidi 
Madiawati Mamat @ Mustaffa 
Tengku Intan Marlina Tengku Mohd Ali 
Nur Faaizah Md Adam 
Siti Nur Anis Muhammad Apandi 
Keywords: Engkaulah Adiwiraku;COVID-19;komunikasi;Berlo
Issue Date: 2023
Journal: Jurnal Komunikasi: Malaysian Journal of Communication 
Written work plays an important role in being an informative channel to deliver messages and human values to society. This paper discusses the role played by the story Engkaulah Adiwiraku (2020) in being a communication medium to deliver COVID-19 information to the community. COVID-19 is a new type of coronavirus that has never been identified before and spreading to other individuals through respiratory droplets and contact. This virus has hit the world since December 2019. To curb the coronavirus epidemic from continuing to spread, all individuals play an important role. The process of channelling information is done through various communication mediums, either verbally or non-verbally to give awareness to the community. Literary works also play a role in conveying information about COVID-19 to the community. The objective of this study is to analyze the information contained in Engkaulah Adiwiraku (2020) to see its role as a communication medium in delivering information to the audience. This study is in the form of qualitative research using bibliographic methods and text analysis. Text analysis was done by applying Berlo's SMCR Communication Model (1960). Research finding proves that Engkaulah Adiwiraku (2020) is loaded with important information about COVID-19 and the role of each individual in fighting the spread of the virus. The findings also show that simple and easy language that matches the level of children's language skills is an important element in conveying information to children. In conclusion, Engkaulah Adiwiraku (2020) acts as an effective communication medium to convey information about COVID-19 to the community thus showing the importance of literary works in channelling information to the audience.
ISSN: 2289-1528
DOI: 10.17576/JKMJC-2023-3901-25
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