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Title: A preliminary study on building condition of heritage buildings at the kuala lumpur police training centre (PULAPOL), Malaysia
Authors: Awang, A. 
Mohd Nasir, M.R. 
Wan Mohamad, W.S.N. 
Keywords: Heritage buildings;building conservation;PULAPOL;building damage;British colonial building.
Issue Date: 1-Dec-2021
Publisher: Construction Research Institute of Malaysia (CREAM)
The Kuala Lumpur Police Training Centre or also known as PULAPOL Kuala Lumpur is the largest and oldest police academy in Malaysia. Established in the year 1904 by the British, its architectural design with the colonial influence is still maintained until now. With a total area of 249.5 acres, this academy hosts 27 heritage buildings and a monument that has been gazetted in 2004. Just like any other heritage buildings in this country, the heritage buildings at PULAPOL Kuala Lumpur are also vulnerable to damages and threats. Such damages and threats do not only affect the daily affairs of the academy but also induce bad impressions on the image of the historical buildings in Malaysia. Therefore, this study aims to identify the type of damages and threats in the heritage buildings at PULAPOL Kuala Lumpur as well as analyze those particular damages and threats. This study was carried out using qualitative approach with a case study research strategy. The instrumental aspects of the study involved field observation method and in-depth interview with the staff at the Facilities Management Unit of PULAPOL. The data were then analyzed using the content analysis. The study has found that the heritage buildings at PULAPOL Kuala Lumpur face some damages and threats in the drainage and piping system, paint exfoliation, moss and rust formation, structural damage, attack from hitchhiker plants, and also attack by insects. These damages and threats do not only impact the buildings’ image but is also affect their occupants. Thus, these buildings require proper maintenance because the buildings implicitly represent the image of the criminal justice system in Malaysia.
ISSN: 1985-3807
Appears in Collections:Faculty of Architecture and Ekistics - Journal (Scopus/WOS)

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