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Title: As Good As Its Taste
Authors: Syarizal Abdul Rahim 
Norailis Ab. Wahab 
Razli Che Razak 
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: Penerbit UMK
Journal: International Journal of Entrepreneurship Case Study (IJECS ) 
Ended as the Prime Minister had announced the Movement Control Order last night. Haji Mohamed Fauzy Abdul Hamid (Hj. Fauzy), President of the corporate group, stepped towards his Chesterfield office chair. He peered outside the window while reminiscing his first step into the business world four decades ago. Innumerable, valuable experience propped his footing in the MOFAZ building. “What in the world is a share? I have not the slightest idea about listing. Where can we find that many, Fauzy? I can only spend RM1,000. For the rest, you have to go and ask yourself,” Ahmad’s shrill voice concerned him. He still had to meet 27 other people. “That cannot be all you have, Ahmad. I knew you bought a lot of Nestle stocks last week. They are piled up in your home. You have spent more than RM30,000 on those!” Fauzy’s tone rose. “You know those are capital, right? The margin is small, too, only 2 to 3%!” Ahmad was relentless. They were racking their brains to find a way to obtain RM25 million in 30 days. “If a close friend like you cannot even outlay 1%, who else can I ask?” Fauzy exclaimed and immediately left the building of the Consortium of Bumiputera Nestle Distributors (GAPENEST). He concentrated his entire thought on how to generate the RM25 million while holding the crumpled letter from Nestle he had received. He was uncertain whether the news was good or bad for GAPENEST and himself.
ISSN: 2948-3832
DOI: 10.51471/ijecs.v1i1.972
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