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Title: Exploring the Structure and Trends of Research on Single Mother: A Bibliometrics Analysis
Authors: Siti Salwani Abdullah 
Melati Indah Yul Rahmat 
Akilah Ariffin 
Syarizal Abdul Rahim 
Nur Mustaqim Jamalludin 
Norailis Ab. Wahab 
Keywords: Single mothers;Bibliometric analysis;Biblioshiny
Issue Date: 2022
Journal: Journal of Global Business and Social Entrepreneurship (GBSE) 
This research aims to review the literature on single mothers in the Scopus database due to its reputable publications among academics. The review was conducted on 19 April 2021. Using the keyword “single mother” in the “title” field of the Scopus search function returned 836 scientific publications. The search resulted in 836 publications in the Scopus database, covering numerous disciplines on the topic of single mother. This study included research published from 1967 to 19 April 2021. The analysis examined the document citation rate and journal impact factor, as both are direct, quantitative, and objective indicators of published science. Following the screening process, Biblioshiny application was used to analyse the gathered publications. Results from the bibliometric analysis included main information, annual scientific production, most relevant authors, average citations per year, most productive countries, most productive affiliations, most global cited documents, most frequent keywords, co-citation analysis, and collaboration analysis.
ISSN: 2462-1714
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