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Title: Hijab: The influence of THE Islamic revivalist movement on muslim women in southernmost provinces of Thailand
Authors: Pollachom, T. 
Kongyok, C. 
Mueangkaew, K. 
Thasrabiab, T. 
Boripis, T. 
Sripaoraya. K. 
Keywords: Hijab;Islamic Resurgence;Muslim Women;Islamic Culture
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: Stowarzyszenie Naukowe Przestrzen Społeczna i Srodowisko
Journal: Przestrzeń Społeczna (Social Space) 
Since the 1970s, images of Iranian women wearing the chador veil and participating in the revolution have been disseminated worldwide. Even in Thailand, where Muslims are a minority, the headscarf is regarded as a symbol of the Islamic revivalist movement. The purpose of this study is to investigate the evolution of the hijab movement in Thailand's southernmost provinces. In addition to conducting interviews with participants in this movement, the author conducted relevant literature research. The relationship between the 1979 Iranian revolution and the influence of the dawah movement on the Islamic resurgence in the Deep South of Thailand is revealed by a significant finding. In the Deep South, due to piety, Islamic precepts were adopted in daily life. The hijab worn by Muslim women represents this phenomenon and the evolution of clothing throughout this period. This change in attire reflects the widespread, yet individual, desire for modesty among Muslim women and resulted in modifying rules, regulations, and social institutions to match their preferences. This study contributes substantially to the body of knowledge concerning Muslim women's attitudes toward the headscarf. The consequences of this research for policymaking and cultural decisions about the hijab in Thailand are significant. The future directions of this research will be determined by the limits of the study, which are essential for identifying additional literature gaps.
ISSN: 2084-1558
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