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Title: Pemaparan Jenis Akhlak Menerusi Kumpulan Puisi As-Salam Karya Suhaimi Haji Muhammad Berdasarkan Teori Takmilah
Authors: Siti Nur Anis Muhammad Apandi 
Rohayati Junaidi 
Zainoren Zul 
Eizah Mat Hussin 
Farrah Atikah Saari 
Nordiana Ab Jabar 
Sudirman Kiffli 
Suraya Sukri 
Mohd Firdaus Che Yaacob 
Nurulahda Sulaiman 
Keywords: morals;moral values;takmilah theory
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: Pendeta Journal of Malay Language, Education and Literature
Journal: PENDETA 
Suhaimi Haji Muhammad is a writer who emphasizes elements of Islam and spirituality in his poems. This study touches on the moral values in the poetry of Suhaimi Haji Muhammad by applying the Takmilah Approach developed by Shafie Abu Bakar. This approach raises the nature of Kamal Allah by using the principle stated in understanding the poetry of Suhaimi Haji Muhammad. Takmilah theory is centred on tawhid's concept, an essential essence in Islam. This study shows that the writer has succesfully exposed to the audience that the writer managed to convey da'wah and lessons to the reader in a more beautiful and creative form. The writer has presented various values and teachings in the poems, and it has successfully fulfilled one of the elements of the Malay Literature, highlighting elements of education to the community.
ISSN: 1823-6812
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