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Title: Managerial Obstacles Facing the Ageing Care Centres: A Case of Malaysian Women Entrepreneurs
Authors: Noor S. 
Isa F.M. 
Muhammad, N.M.N. 
Keywords: Ageing Centres;Entrepreneurs;Malaysia;Obstacles;Women
Issue Date: Sep-2021
Publisher: Sage Publications India Pvt. Ltd
Journal: Vision 
Malaysia is experiencing the rise in the ageing population as it is a more significant challenge for developing and developed countries. Therefore, across the globe, it is imperative for countries to anticipate effectively against the rising issue of the ageing population. In Malaysia, ageing care centres are mostly managed by three sectors: public, private and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Currently, 365 ageing care centres are working in various states of Malaysia. The men and women entrepreneurs run these centres individually or in partnership. This study highlights the managerial challenges confronted by women entrepreneurs of ageing care centres in Malaysia. The study adopts the qualitative research strategy, and structured questionnaires have been used to collect data by face-to-face interviews. The target population of the study is five women entrepreneurs of ageing care centres in the leading states (Johor, Penang and Selangor) in Malaysia. The result highlights that staff retention, lack of qualified staff, technology gap, staff training, less capital; strapped budget and poor marketing strategy are main managerial challenges faced by women entrepreneurs of ageing care centres in Malaysia. This study will help policymakers to formulate strategies for women entrepreneurship in Malaysia. A recommendation plan is being proposed.
Web of Science / Scopus
ISSN: 09722629
DOI: 10.1177/0972262921996495
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