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Title: Virtuous Educational Value In The Comparative Text Analysis Between 100 Malay Proverbs And Three character Canon(三字经)
Authors: Nordiana. AJ 
Nur Izzliyana 
Adzwa Mohd Farid Suhaimi 
Suraya Sukri 
Keywords: Abrams Theory;Educational Values;Objective Approaches;Traditional Poetry, Value of Moral
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: PalArch's Journal of Archaeology of Egypt/Egyptology
Journal: PalArch's Journal of Archaeology of Egypt/Egyptology 
Traditional poetry is defined as a creative work full of metaphors, satire, personification, irony and hyperbole. Furthermore, traditional poetry is also a meaningful aesthetic work that contains meaning and abstract literary genre, full of symbolic ambiguity and interpretations. This study was conducted to unravel problems regarding the role of traditional poetry of 100 Pepatah Petitih Melayu and Three-Character Canon (三sān字zì经jīng) in mobilizing the virtuous educational value. These values were applied through the beauty of traditional poetry. It is based on the styles of language, structure, and meaning that encompasses the entire culture of a nation. The aesthetic of traditional poetry is portrayed to symbolize the personality and treasures of a valuable civilization. The research method used is entirely qualitative through a careful study of articles, books, magazines, and theses. The Abrams Theory (Universe), popularized by M. H. Abrams is applied to comprehensively examine and unravel through an intrinsic element focused on the aesthetic perception of the work by focusing on the objective relationship approach in the literary works. The results of the study found that the two traditional poetry texts were based on the expression gained from experience, observation, sensitivity and knowledge of nature as a reflection of society's cultural background in implicit delivery. Therefore, the formation of virtuous educational values towards the society can shape the children and teenagers personality in respecting the value of knowledge while at the same time able to inculcate the moral values in an individual
ISSN: 1567-214X
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