Nagwan Abdulwahab Mohammed Alqershi

Full Name
Nagwan Abdulwahab Mohammed Alqershi
Nagwan Abdulwahab Mohammed Alqershi
AlQershi, N. A.
AlQershi, N. A.
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Author:  Al-Ganad, A.

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12023The power of strategic knowledge management in the relationship between innovation and the performance of large manufacturing firms in MalaysiaAlQershi, N. A. ; Ali, G. A. ; Al-Rejal, H. A. ; Al-Ganad, A. ; Farhan Busenan, E. ; Ahmed, A. 
22022The effect of talent management and human capital on sustainable business performance: An empirical investigation in Malaysian hospitalsAlQershi, N. A. ; Thurasamy, R. ; Ali, G. A. ; Al-Rejal, H. A. ; Al-Ganad, A. ; Frhan, E.