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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022The Value of Social Conformity as a Mechanism of Sustaining Intangible Cultural Heritage Practices in Adat Berkedim among the Perpatih Community at Mukim Terachi, Kuala Pilah Negeri SembilanS Sukri ; Jabar N.A. ; NF Roslan 
2020Virtuous Educational Value In The Comparative Text Analysis Between 100 Malay Proverbs And Three character Canon(三字经)Nordiana. AJ ; Nur Izzliyana ; Adzwa Mohd Farid Suhaimi ; Suraya Sukri 
2022Web 2.0 as an Online Fun Learning Tools for Heritage Studies During Pandemic: Coercion or Consent?S Sukri ; Radzuan, AW ; Nordiana. AJ ; Apandi S.N.A. ; Abdul Latef, Azlin Sharina ; Zain M.Z.M. ; Hasbullah, S.W ; HY Hapiz