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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-2022Application of magnetic carbon nanocomposite from agro-waste for the removal of pollutants from water and wastewaterBarasarathi, Jayanthi ; Abdullah, P.S ; Uche, Emenike Chijioke 
2024Chapter 6: Socio-Economic Empowerment of Poor Community through Biochar-Themed Social Enterprise Initiative in Jeli, KelantanPalsan Sannasi Abdullah ; Siti Nuurul Huda Mohammad Azmin ; Zul Ariff Abdul Latiff ; Ch'ng Huck Ywih ; Ahmad Saufi Mohd Nawi ; Muhammad Nurfaiz Abd Kharim ; Akmal Adilah Idris 
Sep-2022Characterizing groundwater turbidity reduction by using a magnetic biocarbon adsorbent composite (MBAC): Process optimizationAwang, H. ; Abdullah, A. S. ; Ling, H. Y. ; Lin, Irene ; Abdullah, P. ; Azmin S.N.H.M ; Boukhlifi, F. 
2023Community level capacity building for biomass-based product development towards socio-economic empowerment and sustainabilitySannasi, P. ; Azmin S.N.H.M ; Ariff A.L.Z ; Ywih, C.H. 
2023Comparative Study on Adsorption of Crystal Violet and Chromium (VI) by Activated Carbon Derived from Spent Coffee GroundsLoulidi, Ilyasse ; Jabri, Maria ; Amar, Abdelouahed ; Kali, Abderahim ; A. Alrashdi, Awad ; Hadey, Chaimaa ; Ouchabi, Mbarka ; Abdullah, P. ; Lgaz, Hassane ; Cho, Youngjae ; Boukhlifi, Fatima 
2023Consumer attitude towards Halal integrity on Halal food supply chain productAriff A.L.Z ; Amizi A.M. ; Aweng, E.R. ; Zulhazman, H ; Sannasi A.P. ; Nursalwani M. 
Jun-2021Effect of wood vinegar and rice husk biochar on soil properties and growth performances of immature kenaf (Hibiscus cannabinus) planted on BRIS soilMohd Fauzie Jusoh ; Lai Jai Xin ; Ch'ng Huck Ywih ; Palsan Sannasi Abdullah ; Noraida Mohd Radzi ; Mohd Ashraf Zainol Abidin ; Muhammad Firdaus Abdul Muttalib 
2024Elimination of crystal violet from aqueous solution by adsorption on naturel polysaccharide: Kinetic, isotherm, thermodynamic studies and mechanism analysisSadoq, M. ; Atlas, H. ; Imame, S. ; Kali, A. ; Amar, A. ; Loulidi, I. ; Jabri, M. ; Sadoq, B. ; Ouchabi, M. ; Abdullah, P.S. ; Boukhlifi, F. 
2022Evaluation of moisturizing lip balm comprise of natural pigment from tomatoAzmin S.N.H.M ; Abidin, Z. F. Z. ; Sulaiman, N. S. ; Nor, M. S. M. ; Abdullah, P.S. 
2023Formulating waterless biocarbon-based masker towards environmental sustainability: Characterizing its functionalityEisa, H. N. ; Norazlee, S. F. A. ; Lin, I. T. J. ; Suteng, G. ; Abdullah, P.S. ; Azmin S.N.H.M ; Zakaria, H. 
Jan-2021Improving Soil Nitrogen Availability and Rice Growth Performance on a Tropical Acid Soil via Mixture of Rice Husk and Rice Straw BiocharsSelvarajh, G ; Ch'Ng H.Y. ; Zain, N.M. ; Sannasi, P. ; Azmin S.N.H.M 
Apr-2020Inovasi biokarbon aktif AcBioC® bagi kegunaan dalam produk kecantikan dan penjagaan diriSannasi Abdullah, Palsan ; Nor Asfaliza, A. ; Siti Hanisah, A. ; Siti Hamira, A. 
2020The Intention of Agro Farmers towards the Application of Kitosanplus in KelantanAbdul Latiff Z.A. ; Mohd Zain, N.S. ; Muhamad, N. ; Abdullah, P.S ; Ayob, M.A. 
May-2021The involvement of young entrepreneurs in halal food products in KelantanNursalwani M. ; Suhada R.N.N. ; Sannasi A.P. ; Amizi A.M. ; Zul Ariff, A.L 
Aug-2020Modifying coconut shell biocarbon by base activation method using response surface modellingSannasi, P. ; Nor Asfaliza Abdullah ; Mohamad Faiz Mohd Amin 
Apr-2020Operation of An Integrated ‘All in One’ Customized Batik Fabric Drying System for Traditional Cottage Operators in KelantanSannasi, P. 
Apr-2020Operation of An Integrated ‘All in One’ Customized Batik Fabric Drying System for Traditional Cottage Operators in KelantanSannasi, P. 
29-Dec-2020Optimization and Modelling of the Removal of Groundwater Turbidity by Nanomagnetic Adsorbent CompositeA Huda ; B Jayanthi ; Zul Ariff Abdul Latiff ; TYS Leony ; M A Siti Nuurul Huda ; SA Palsan 
2022Optimization of formulation conditions for peel-off face mask from banana peels and mulberry leaves extracts using response surface methodologyAzmin S.N.H.M ; Saidin Y.N.I. ; Nor M.S.M. ; Palsan S.A. ; Ywih, C.H. 
Jul-2021Optimization of Rhodamine 6G removal from aqueous solution using Box-Behnken designHuda A. ; Lim K.W. ; Jayanthi B. ; Palsan S.A. ; Azmin S.N.H.M ; Leony T.Y.S. ; Ariff A.L.Z ; Amizi A.M.